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The Most Profitable Sports Betting Tipsters Websites Blog Featured ImageThe Most Profitable Sports Betting Tipsters Websites Blog

When it comes to tipping services or sports betting tipsters, we are almost spoilt for choice. There are tons of options available online, both free and paid subscriptions. These tipsters cover every sport imaginable if you find the right one. But which are the best to use?


Free VS Paid Subscriptions

In the past, finding a reliable tipping service seemed like an impossible feat. But now there is more transparency than ever, making it a lot simpler to find the best sports betting tipster for you. Free betting tipsters are now easier than ever to find. Just check social media and you will find tons of groups or forums that help punters with their betting decisions. These free tips tend to be less audited than paid subscriptions. And you need to be wary of free betting tipsters that try to entice punters into “premium betting tips” or emphasise the winning while downplaying the losses.

Subscription paid betting tipsters collect and audit third party tipsters, select the best with scrutiny and present their records with as much transparency as they possibly can. They create “hubs” that connect you, the punter, to tipsters in every sport. Amongst a large number of paid subscription sports betting tipsters, there are two that stand out the most.


The aim of BetFame is simple: connect punters with bettors searching to improve their long term profitability, via an online platform. What makes BetFame stand out above the rest is their transparency. The company owners believe that trust is essential for their company to be successful. And for this reason, they keep records open for everyone to see. In order to avoid errors, they use a fully automated system. Computers check prices against the market, making them pioneers in the betting world. Check out their tipsters’ performance here.

SoccerTipsters is one of the most recognized sports betting tipsters, and have been around since 2010. They’re probably one of the rare ones that guarantee a credit-back refund if you purchase any tips that “ended with either lose, draw, cancelled or postponed game.” This commitment of theirs has garnered them fans all over the world, who in turn rated them a 5/5 on their social media platform.

SoccerTipsters aim for transparency and encourage their tipsters to explain their choices. But above transparency, they value customer service. This can be seen in the interaction with staff and punters via unaffiliated websites, blogs and other online platforms. Their aim is to help punters avoid other betting tipsters that can be scams.

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