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Are you a fan of betting? If yes, you might want to learn more about football betting, and here’s a guide to help you understand Asian Handicap betting. This market is perfect for numbers of football traders that are looking for an alternative way to the more tradition 1×2. Though pose a complex idea at first, understanding the concept makes it a lot easier to have an excellent perspective for football trading.


So, what is Asian Handicap?

Simply defined, Asian handicap is referred to as a bet type having this goal to even out the strength conditions and also to reduce the possibilities in the 1×2 betting model from 3 to 2 wherein the handicap brings both of the team’s odds close to 1/1 having the winning probability close to 50 percent. In a football match, there is a big difference in perceived quality between the opponents. This differential varies determined by various situational and dispositional factors which include the historical performance, financial strength, form, player availability and home field advantage. Based on these two teams’ abilities, the difference could be significant, only leaving a little value on the favorite and only minimal returns on the standard 1×2 markets.

So, Asian handicap betting markets counter these perceived biases in their abilities through leveling the playing field and at the same time removing the option of a draw that results to better odds. And this is done by applying either a negative or a positive goal handicap to every side based on which team is being perceived as the favorite and the underdog.


Benefits of Asian Handicap Betting

Of course, there are certain benefits out of this kind of betting and these are the following:

  • Though the team you backed are defeated, the bet could still win or might be voided based on the handicap. With this, you’ll lower the risk of losing the bet.
  • Asian handicaps are considered as the chosen market for numbers of professional bettors so this means that the market offers better value as well.
  • Once the draw has been removed, the betting margins are lower so giving you more chance of the sustained profit over time.
  • And by eliminating the perceived bias in between teams, it would give the bettors more value on those highly favored teams.

Finally, now that you have knowledge about Asian Handicap in soccer betting, you can use this type of bet as an alternative for trading football markets. Indeed, Asian Handicap betting could be your smarter way to trade and would give you more opportunity to find value bet and to increase your chance to win in football betting.

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