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Beat The Bookies In Football Betting

Some Of The Best Options To Beat The Bookies In Football Betting Blog Featured ImageSome Of The Best Options To Beat The Bookies In Football Betting Blog

If you’ve ever bet on football online, you would know that it’s challenging to beat the bookies. This is mainly due to the house edge. The odds are fixed in such a way that you barely win anything if you bet on the favorite to win. And wagering on the underdog is almost always too risky. The bookmaker always seems to have the upper hand, which is why, whenever you bet, your primary aim is to beat the bookies. You need to outsmart them in such a way that the house edge makes no difference to you. There are a couple of ways to do this, so let’s take a look.


How To Beat The Bookies

Possibly one of the most exasperating things about betting is the house edge. Sports bookies always the advantage. To make profits, you would need to learn how to bypass this edge, use some tried and tested tricks of the trade to come out on top. Here are some of the best ways to beat the bookies.

1. Find Value Bet

If you want to make sure that you make a profit each time you make a wager, ensure that your bet has value. A bet has value if the probability of a particular outcome occurring is higher than its odds reflect. Like if a bookmaker sets the likelihood of an event occurring at around 40% when the actual chance would be about 60%. This means that the bookie offers higher odds. And this would result in a bigger payout if you win.

2. Consult Betting Tipsters

Imagine finding someone else who wants you to beat the bookies just as much as you do and will help you achieve that too. This is precisely what a betting tipster does. They provide betting tips and predictions on sports events, but unlike bookmakers, they’re on your side. They’re often expert analysis, and they know the game inside and out. This means that a good betting tipster will rarely steer you in the wrong direction. Investing in an excellent sports prediction service would be extremely beneficial.

3. Try Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting is a comprehensive betting strategy that would help you minimize your losses. If employed correctly, a profit will be guaranteed to you, regardless of the outcome. All you have to do is bet on all possible outcomes with different bookmakers. So that the profit you make from your winning would compensate for any losses. You’ll have to be careful about this, and you would need to calculate the expected payout for each bet.

Additionally, figure out how much you would need to stake on all options so that losses are made up by the profits. Say you bet $20 on Team A with bookie 1, which would result in a $50 gain if you won. You bet $10 on Team B with bookie 2, which would result in a $70 payout. If team A wins, you would have won a total profit of $40 if you subtracted the $10 you staked on Team B. If Team B won, however, you would have won a total of $50 after you take away the $20 you lost on team A.

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