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Learn Different Types of Casino Games

Different types of casino games

Newcomers to playing at online casinos may be confused by the sheer number of games that are available to play. We want to help clear that up for you, so here is our guide to the various types of casino games you can play at online casinos.

Online Slots

The most popular type of casino game these days is online slots. At the most extensive online casinos, there are often hundreds of different slot games to pick from. Slots can cover all types of themes, so there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. For example, there are a lot of slot games based on sports, which are likely to be very popular.

Online slots can also be broken up into a series of subsections. Progressive jackpots are one of the best types of slots that are available to play at online casino sites nowadays. Progressive slots are often linked together to boost the total jackpot that is available to win. Many online slots developers are now releasing games that are inspired by popular TV series and movies. Superhero slot games are incredibly popular right now, while there are slots based on TV shows such as Game of Thrones too.

Slots can range from simple games that are like old-fashioned slot machines in bricks and mortar casinos to more modern games that feature 3D animations. People can, therefore, make up their minds about what type of slot game they want to play when they login to their favorite online casino. These slots are often a good way for sites to offer bonuses and promotions, with free spins regularly provided.

Table Games

Casino classics such as blackjack and poker come under the category of table games at online casinos. There are often various types of blackjack games that are available to play, each with their own slightly different set of rules. When it comes to poker, a lot of online casinos now have tournaments that offer big prizes to those who can get through to the end. Alternatively, poker can be played as a simple table game for those who are not confident enough in their skills to enter a tournament.

Another casino classic that is classed as a table game is baccarat. One of the oldest casino games around, baccarat is famous around the world, but particularly in Asia. One of the reasons why baccarat is the right choice is because of its low house edge. What this means is that there is better value on offer to players at online casino sites. Dice games such as craps are usually categorized as table games at online casinos too.

Live Casino Games

Among the types of casino games that are growing in popularity are live casino games. The live casino is the closest that an online casino can get to the bricks and mortar casino experience. Blackjack and roulette are among the games usually available to play at the live casino. As well as these casino classics, players can pick newer titles such as Monopoly and Deal or No Deal when they login to their favorite sites. The live casino includes interactivity as players can chat with the dealer and their fellow players at the table.

Specialty Games

Lastly, other games that do not fit into the above boxes are usually called specialty games. These can include everything from keno to bingo, both of which are popular at a lot of online casinos. With so much choice available, players will find a favorite type of casino to play at their chosen site for sure.

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