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Let’s Learn Deposit Bonuses Offered By Online Casinos

What is the deposit bonus offered by online casinos?y online casinos?

Online casinos offer bonuses and promotions to tempt people to sign up. There is a lot of competition within the industry. What this means is that companies have to work harder than ever to convince users to join up. One of the best ways that online casinos try to get new customers is through deposit bonuses. These come in various forms, which gives people more options when they set up their account on an online casino site.

Naturally, there are some small downsides to using casino bonuses. There are always terms and conditions attached. Usually, bonus funds come with a wagering requirement that must be fulfilled. What this means is that the money must be wagered a certain number of times before it is unlocked. Only then can it be withdrawn as real money. So what are the different types of deposit bonuses that are offered by online casinos? Let’s take a look!


Deposit Match Bonus

Perhaps the most common sign-up bonus offered by online casinos is the deposit match bonus. In this type of promotion, players are offered extra funds on top of their opening deposit into a new online casino account. Often set at around the 100 percent mark, it means customers get a boosted bankroll to start playing.

However, as mentioned above, there is almost always a wagering requirement. Online casinos can, therefore, protect their profits by making it harder to earn real cash out of the bonus funds. Deposit match bonuses are sometimes also spread out over several deposits – sometimes up to as many as five. While this might mean more bonus money is available, it means it takes longer for customers to earn the cash too.


No Deposit Bonus

Many online casinos now offer a no-deposit bonus. In this type of casino bonus, players do not even have to deposit any of their real cash to take advantage of a bonus. The advantage of this is clear. Players can test out a new online casino site without having to open their wallets or put their hands in their pockets.

No deposit bonuses also come with terms and conditions. As well as the wagering requirements mentioned above, players should be on the lookout for a maximum win figure. What this means is that a player fortunate enough to land a jackpot playing online slots with a no deposit bonus is doubtful to receive the full amount as a result. A no deposit bonus should be treated as a tester by players as it is tough to turn this money into real cash.


Free Spins Bonus

Last but not least, another popular type of online casino bonus concerns free spins. A lot of online casinos that focus on online slot games offer free spins among their top promotions. Both new users and existing customers can often claim free spins. Like with the no deposit bonus, there are usually both wagering requirements and a maximum win mentioned in the terms and conditions for a free spins bonus.

However, it does mean that people who are new to online casinos can use free spins to try out different slot games. Sometimes, this bonus is only available to be used on specific slots. In rare cases, players will be free to spend the free spins on any slot game that they want.

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