Best Ways To Stay Up To Date On Sports News

Some best ways to stay up to date on sports news

One of the key things people need to do to win their bets is to keep updated with the latest sports news. While sports news is not hard to find, there is so much out there, and it is hard to find the best options. On the Internet, in particular, it is like something approaching the Wild West. Many sites do not report any of their own sports news. Instead, they merely report the news that has appeared on various other sites. What this means is that sports news can appear on dozens of sites with readers unclear on where it came from.

As a result, it can be hard to judge whether or not the news is accurate, or if it can be false information. Bearing this in mind, here are some of the best ways to stay up to date with all the latest sports news.


For anyone interested in American sports news, ESPN is at the top of the tree. Making billions of dollars every year, ESPN is a vast organization, but at its heart is breaking big news stories about sport. The journalists who work for ESPN tend to have excellent contacts. What this means is that when a story comes from ESPN, fans can be assured it is likely to be accurate. If there is a downside with ESPN, it is that their focus is almost entirely on US sports. So anyone who wants news about football might find that some other options are better for their needs.

2. BBC

Football fans will find that the BBC is one of the top sources for sports news. Based in the UK but covering global sport, the BBC is a mark of quality all over the world. The BBC is famous for being particularly rigorous when it comes to checking stories. All in all, the BBC might not always be the fastest place to break a big story, but they will not jump the gun. Accuracy is prized above speed, which is not the case at a lot of the other top sports news sites. And, as is the case with ESPN, the BBC has a lot of rights that mean highlights are often available to view too.

3. Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports earns a place in any list of the best places on the internet for sports news. An excellent overview is available at this site, which makes it a must for those trying to keep updated with the latest stories. Having been launched back in 1997, Yahoo Sports has developed a strong reputation in the industry. While Yahoo Sports might not break a lot of stories on their own, the site has everything that most sports fans will need.

4. Feedly

Sometimes it is better to get an overview rather than heading to one particular site for sports news. Feedly is an RSS reader to which people can add whatever site they want. So if you’re going to read stories from ESPN or the BBC, you can add those sources to your Feedly. The Feedly mobile app makes it easy to keep updated with all of the important news from the world of sport.

5. BettorClub

If an analysis is what you want from your sports news, then bookmarking BettorClub might be a smart move. Considered one of the most vital data sites online, BettorClub is well worth checking regularly for its insightful, informative write-ups.

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