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Live Casino Games – Sic Bo

A look at Online Sic Bo, one of the most popular casino games in the world today

Live Casino Games - Sic Bo

Sic Bo is an intriguing game with roots in ancient China. It’s also variously known as tai sai, dai siu, big or small, or hi-lo. The Chinese connotation gives a better rendition of these names, but it makes no difference in the game’s energy while in play. The literal meaning of Sic Bo is, loosely, “precious dice.” Dai siu and dai sai mean “big or small.” Interestingly, there are two variants of English origin tagged as grand hazard and chuck-a-luck. It’s a prevalent casino game across Asia, and its introduction to the US can be traced to Chinese immigrants in the early 20th century. It’s since gained popularity in licensed casinos in the US and the UK. An upsurge of virtual casinos has widened its reach. It’s now easy to explore online Sic Bo from the convenience and relative safety of your home. Besides, multiple online casinos offer hefty sign-up bonuses, which can be quite useful in the game’s initial learning process.


Playing Sic Bo

Unlike other types of casino games, Sic Bo doesn’t have a long list of rules. It’s one of only two casino games based on dice – the other is craps. Sic Bo is an unequal game of chance, played with three dice. It’s an unpredictable game. This game is based on pure chance as each roll on the dice gives a straight win or loss on any bet. It involves betting on a specific condition being the result of the throw of the dice. For example, a player may state that all three dice will roll for the same result – all two’s or all three’s.

What Happens At a Sic Bo Table?

The players place their bets on specified areas of the table. The dealer has a small chest that contains the dice. The chest is examined by all the players, after which the dealer closes and shakes it – in full view. The dealer then opens the miniature chest to reveal the dice combination. The winner is the player who wagered on the combination the dice roll falls on.

What Are The Betting Options?

Sic Bo, at first glance, seems complicated. For online players, it’s easier to grasp the concept with free online tutorials and free runs. The most basic betting options in online Sic Bo are:

The Big Bet

This is when the dice roll gives a sum between (and including) 11 and 17.

The Small Bet

This is when a player bets on any dice sum between (and including) 4 and 10.

The Single Dice Bet

If a player makes a single dice bet, he predicts a specific number on one, two, or all three dice.

The Double and Triple Bets

If a player’s intuition has that two of the dice will roll up the same number, he’ll make a double bet. Similarly, he’ll make a triple bet if he believes all three will turn up the same number.

The Two Dice Combination Bets

Here, rather than predict all three dice or their sum, the punter predicts two dice outcomes at once.


Essential Points About Online Sic Bo

The first is a rule that universally applies to online casino gambling: a player must be cautious when registering on virtual casinos. There’s a need to check for authenticity, and an excellent place to start is reading reviews of a gambling platform before registration. It’s also prudent to first learn rules and subtle strategies before investing. Online casinos gift a new customer with a sign-up bonus that may have processing tags on it – perhaps, activation by a deposit or substantive play.

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