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Sports betting these days has a vast array of markets to pick from. It is not uncommon for there to be several hundred bets to choose from for a big game at a large betting site. Some of these wagers are a lot more popular than others, which might mean some types of market are not used by sports fans as often as they should be. Total goals are without a doubt one of these – but what is this market, and how does it work?


What Do Total Goals Mean In Sports Betting?

The total goal is a market commonly seen in betting site markets for football matches around the world. The definition of total goals is precisely what most people would think – it is the number of times a goal is scored in the game. For example, a total goals market for a big match might include options such as zero, one, two, three or four. It might even be the case where people can bet on there being even more total goals, perhaps all the way up to five, six or seven, all of which are likely to have very high odds indeed.

Sometimes, markets on sports betting sites offer a bracket as well as betting on the exact number of goals being scored. If this is the case, the brackets might start with 0-1 and include further options such as 1-2, 2-3, 3-4 and 4-5. The benefit of this type of total goals bet is that players do not have to guess exactly how many goals are scored. There is a bit of leeway included as there are effectively two chances to win. It is worth pointing out, though, that total goals bets with brackets are likely to offer lower odds than markets where the player has to guess the exact total goals figure for the game they picked.

Why Bet On The Total Goals Market For The Big Game?

As we mentioned earlier on, there are almost countless betting markets available now. For those who are entirely new to sports betting, it can be confusing and complicated to understand them. There are no such concerns for total goals bets, which are some of the easiest to get your head around. After all, you only need to predict the total number of goals that will be scored in the game. You do not even need to know which team wins, or which player finds the net out there on the pitch. All that matters is being able to guess the number of goals scored.

It is often also possible to bet on the total goals that will be scored by each team in a game. Therefore, if a player thinks a team will definitely only score once, this is an excellent market to pick. What this means is the total goals for a team market is a viable alternative for a big match. Lots of the options on sports betting markets now involve a deep understanding of the game. Sometimes, players are asked to guess how many corners will be awarded during a game, or which players are going to be shown a yellow card by the referee. This is not the case with total goals in sports betting, which could hardly be more pleasant to work out. The action on the pitch will still be as unpredictable as ever, but this is the right choice of bet.

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