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What Are Progressive Slots?

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Progressive slots are just one of a number of different types of online slot games that can be found at online casinos these days. But anyone who does not have a lot of experience on these sites may be unsure about what progressive slots are, as well as how they work. This guide to progressive slots will give you all the information that you need – so read on!


How Do Progressive Slots Work?

Progressive slots are becoming increasingly popular at online casinos in recent years. They work by having a number of slots linked up to the same total prize fund. Each time that a spin of the reels does not land the jackpot, the amount of cash that is up for grabs goes up. What this means is that progressive jackpots can offer life-changing sums of money to players. However, it can be challenging to land the jackpot on this type of slot game at online casinos.

Some people swear that the best method to think about progressive slots is that they are similar to a lottery system. While the chances of winning the big prize may be remote, the sums of cash on offer are much more significant than at other, more standard, types of slot games. One thing to keep in mind when playing progressive slots at online casinos is the selected stake. Often, players will only be eligible to scoop the total jackpot if their stake is above a certain amount. What this means is playing these slot games at minimum stakes is unlikely to be a wise choice. There is little point picking progressive slots if you cannot win the jackpot! Land-based casinos often have progressive slots, but most people will pick this type of game at online casinos. The games linked to the same jackpot can be spread across various sites.

Why Choose Progressive Slots At Online Casinos?

The jackpot bonuses for grabs at progressive slots is one of the main reasons to pick a game like this when logging in to online casinos. Standard slots usually have a big jackpot, but they cannot compete with progressive slots in this area. Most of the biggest wins that have ever been recorded at online casinos came on a game that would be classed as a progressive slot. It is always worth checking the return to player – or RTP for short – of progressive slots. Often, these games at online casinos have a lower RTP due to the chance of winning a bigger jackpot. People chasing that life-changing win are unlikely to mind, but the right balance is vital.

Playing a progressive slot might mean that your online casino balance starts to drop faster than it might on another type of game at your chosen site. Keep in mind that if you select progressive slots with bonus funds given out by online casinos, the terms and conditions for this type of deal will usually note there is a maximum win attached. Magic Crystals, Mega Fortune, Hockey League Wild Match and Jackpot Giant are some of the most popular progressive slots out there right now. There are lots of online casino games to pick from, and it might be wiser to select a game that is slightly less popular to try to boost your chances of landing a top prize.

There is no doubt progressive slots are a great choice at online casinos, so good luck!

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