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Sports betting markets have been disrupted in recent years. Nowadays, a big football match is likely to have more than a hundred bets on offer. This can be confusing for newcomers to betting. Therefore, more gambling companies come up with introductory bet offers, including advanced bets for experienced gamblers with gaming experience. Among the simplest betting types available these days is both teams to score – or BTTS for short. But what is this type of bet, how does it work, and when should it ideally be used?


What Does BTTS mean?

BTTS is a popular bet in the world of sports betting. The bet does precisely what is suggested by its name—people who back BTTS are betting that both teams involved in a game will score. It does not matter the number of goals scored by each team–as long as the bet is a winner, and they find the net at least once in the game. So a match that ends in a 1-1 result would be a winner for those who backed BTTS. However, if either team involved can keep a clean sheet, BTTS would be a losing wager on these occasions. Among the benefits of BTTS is that players using sports betting sites do not have to accurately predict the result. On a BTTS bet, it does not matter which team wins, or what the final scoreline ends up as in the match. All that matters is that both teams score – it really is that simple!

Why Use BTTS On Sports Betting Sites?

Many options for football games on sports betting sites have three options. Take the basic result bet – it will either be a home win, an away win, or a draw. Three options mean it is harder to pick the winner, which is good news for sports betting sites that are trying to make a profit. BTTS has only two options, though – yes or no. Players can opt to bet against both teams scoring in the game by selecting the no option, as well as betting on both teams to score. Markets with only two options available are good choices for players as there is less house edge for the bookmaker. What this means is that the odds better value, which is always good news for users of sports betting sites in the long run.

When Should BTTS Bets Be Used?

There are a few times when backing BTTS can be beneficial. A lot of sports betting fans enjoy adding multiple BTTS wagers into an accumulator to boost their odds – and potential winnings – even more as a result. Analysing data related to the teams involved can help to show when BTTS might be a winning wager. Tons of information out there can be used to easily help you, so using statistics to judge BTTS bets and other stakes can be an excellent idea for players nowadays. BTTS is also often bundled in with other bets by sports betting sites. For example, a player can back a team to win the match, with BTTS also included, to get a higher price for a bet.

Naturally, matches involving attacking teams that do not defend well can be good selections for BTTS wagers. This also tends to be the case of more goals being scored in matches at the end of every season, especially if there is little riding on the outcome.

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