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Coherence Gambling Strategy Explained

Coherence - The Philosophical Gambling Strategy Blog Featured ImageCoherence - The Philosophical Gambling Strategy Blog

There are lots of gambling strategies out there. In fact, it seems as though new gambling strategies are cropping up all the time! What if you want to use a more philosophical gambling strategy? Well, in that case, it might be that Coherence is the right choice for you. So what is Coherence, how does it work and is it worth trying as a gambling strategy?


Defining Coherence – The Philosophical Gambling Strategy

Italian probabilistic Bruno de Finetti came up with Coherence – the philosophical gambling strategy as a thought experiment. He did so in an effort to try to justify the Bayesian probability, also known as an interpretation of the concept of probability. According to de Finetti, his aim was to make sure that the person placing bets can find a coherent stake to use. Regardless of what happens in the event, they are betting on, they would not be exposed to a significant amount of losses. Most gambling strategies that are used by people in casino games or on sports betting rely on the mathematics to an extent. After all, this is how the odds are calculated, so it makes sense.

While Coherence is by nature, a much more philosophical gambling strategy, it is fair to say that mathematics still plays a key role in how this works as a betting system. Key to how Coherence works is through the use of treating operational subjective probabilities as wagering odds. This might sound complicated, but actually, it does not have to be the case. Operational subjective probabilities are essentially used to predict the chances of an event happening. This is the aim of the game in sports betting from the customer side, while from the bookmaker side, operational subjective probabilities are used to set their odds as well.

Why Should You Use Coherence – The Philosophical Gambling Strategy?

A lot of betting strategies can be quite fixed. What this means is that people follow the staking system that is laid out for them. They are easy to follow, but there is next to no input from the person involved in placing the wagers. What this means is they can come across a little cold. The difference when it comes to Coherence – the philosophical gambling strategy – is that it is more about a state of mind. So some people might find Coherence to be a more appealing option as a gambling strategy should they wish to have a little bit more creativity.

Naturally, there is no way to guarantee that the use of Coherence – the philosophical gambling strategy – is going to be profitable in the long run. After all, if it had a 100 percent success rate, everyone would be using it! If this was to happen, the industry would soon collapse due to the number of companies that would be losing so much money. It is fair to say that Coherence – the philosophical gambling strategy – is a lot more interesting to use, though. When Bruno de Finetti came up with it a long time ago, he probably would not have believed that it would still be being talked about and used in gambling to this very day.

While Coherence might not be for everyone, it is definitely a gambling strategy worth trying out.

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