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Many people think betting systems can help them to get one over the house. While the famous saying that the house always wins is usually accurate, betting systems provide an advantage. One betting system that has proven to be very popular is card counting. While casinos might believe card counting to be cheating, for players, it is seen as a way to balance the odds. Counting cards can be beneficial in several casino games. However, primarily it is at the blackjack table where counting cards can help players to make a profit from betting. Here is how card counting works – and why some players swear by it as a betting system.


Card Counting – How It Works

Counting cards at the blackjack table is possible as an individual, but it is often a betting system that is used by groups of people to try to beat the house. In blackjack, counting cards can help players to manage their risk better when it comes to deciding whether they want to stick or twist. High cards are usually thought to benefit the player more than the blackjack dealer, while low cards are better for the dealer than the player. People who count cards assign a specific value to each card and then keep track of the cards that emerge off the deck through what is known as a running count.

By using the running count, it is possible to guess what cards are left in the deck, which makes it easier to decide if sticking or twisting is the better option to take in a specific hand. Of course, card counting is a lot harder to pull off at online casinos, not that this stops people from attempting to use it as a betting system when playing at the blackjack table.

Categories That Are A Factor In Card Counting Betting Systems

There are a few categories that are a factor in card counting betting systems that can be used when playing blackjack at the casino. The first of them is betting correlation, which is usually known as BC, the second of them is playing efficiency (PE) and the third is known as insurance correlation (IC). Card counters will look to achieve a balance of the three categories when playing blackjack at the casino. This method is thought to be the best way of using the betting system to make a profit.

How Can Casinos Detect The Use Of Card Counting?

Casinos are always on the hunt for people they believe are using an unfair advantage. Therefore, card counters are still at risk of being caught and banned by the casino. Video surveillance is one of the critical tools in the armory of casinos in the fight against card counting. There may also be staff on the casino floor who are looking out for card counting. Table hopping is one of the easiest ways for card counters to give away their betting system, while casinos may also be on alert if large variations in stakes are being used at the table.

Playing multiple hands is also thought to be a sign that card counting might be in use. Going against basic blackjack strategy could also be seen by the casino as a sign of counting cards. Ultimately, card counting is always going to be a risk as casinos do not look at the use of the betting system favorably. However, card counting can be very profitable when undetected.

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