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Is Online Casino Roulette Fixed

Is Online Casino Roulette Fixed Or Completely Random Blog Featured ImageIs Online Casino Roulette Fixed Or Completely Random Blog

It is normal to worry about the trustworthiness of an online casino. So, if you find yourself wondering if online casino roulette is fixed or completely random, you are not alone. Many gamers have also thought about this at one point or the other. Online casinos are established to make profits. Like any business, they maintain theirs to earn and pay their staffers. However, casinos trying to get their take should not mean that they completely rip people off. This guide is to prepare you for what to expect when playing the online casino roulette. More importantly, it helps you figure out if online casino roulette is fixed or completely random.


The Randomness Of Online Casino Roulette

Unlike blackjack and other online casino games, the ‘law of independent trials’ applies to roulette. These trials ensure that the outcomes of subsequent hands are independent of the hand you play or how you play it. Hence, there is no way to predict what results would be like on subsequent spins.

Why Online Casino Roulette Cannot Be Fixed

Technically, rigging casino roulette is easier offline because the roulette game alone cannot be set if it involves the online casino roulette. The following reasons are why online casino roulette cannot be fixed, and it is random instead are due to these reasons:

Security and preventive measures

The government and relevant authorities duly vet all publicly traded online casinos. This move ensures that all games are fair and that numbers are generated randomly. The constant monitoring of government agencies keeps online casinos on their toes to provide as much transparency as possible.

A good reputation helps online casinos

All online casinos strive to have credible reputations. Gamers prefer trading with casinos that have been recommended by friends, authority websites, or opinion leaders. Of course, we mostly trust words from people we know. Indeed, online adverts are not as potent as good old reputation building strategies. And this comes with a good track record of fairness.

Big winners help online casinos prosper

Besides having to ensure fairness to improve further the online casino’s chances of being recommended, having real big winners also gives the casinos good PR. Gamers are generally lured by news of big wins, and casinos can make a profit when they return to invest more money and time.

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In the past, fixed games in casinos have a bad reputation of being propped to make more by ensuring that players do not win.   Nowadays, online casinos are positioned to have a better advantage (a house edge). So far, there are no rigging games, and there have been fewer allegations of fixed games or rigging to this day. Unless, of course, someone finds their way to hack, which we hope not.

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