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What Is Betting Systems?

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It takes more than just blind luck or instincts to be a successful sports bettor. Would you like to learn more about sports betting systems and grow your profits exponentially? Hi there, I’m DJ Kiddo the spokesperson for this 5 minutes betting systems video series by BettorClub. In this video series we’re going to break down the facts about betting systems that punters can use to gain an advantage, giving you an edge over the public and bookmakers when placing a bet. Before we analyze this topic, see the subscribe button below? Hit that and turn on your notifications! You will now be one of the first to get the latest access to our juiciest tips and tricks to be the best bettor.

Once you’ve done that, let’s look at these betting systems and how they can work in your favor. If you wager on sports, then it’s important you know what these systems are. So, what exactly are betting systems? Every sport comes with its own set of variables that can affect the outcome of the game in many ways. This is why professional gamblers, over the years, have developed some strategies based on proven statistical data to guide bettors about the most efficient approach to use in various scenarios, so they can minimize their losses. A sound betting system, therefore, aims to help bettors manage their bankroll more efficiently to produce more profits in the long run.

Now, let’s look at how these betting systems operate.

There are broadly two types of betting systems: Positive progression and negative progression. Each betting system provides a different blueprint of instructions to the bettor on how to respond to a bet. Depending on which system you are following, bettors will either be instructed to increase or decrease their initial stake by a fixed amount. They have to take into account the status of their bankroll and the outcome of their previous bets as well. Positive progression instructs bettors to increase stakes when they win and consequently decrease the stakes when they lose. An example of this type of betting system is the Paroli system, Reverse Labouchere, and Contra d’Alembert system. Whereas, negative progression instructs bettors to increase stakes when they lose and consequently, decrease stakes when they win. An example of this type of betting system is the Martingale system, the Fibonacci system, and the Labouchere system.

One thing that bettors must keep in mind is that several betting systems will often contradict each other in their methods. So, it is the responsibility of the bettor to combine a mix of in-depth research and instincts to evaluate when to use a particular betting system. Now that you know the basics, you can start experimenting with different systems to see what works best for your betting goals. We hope you found this video on betting systems useful. Be sure to stay tuned for other upcoming episodes from this 5 minutes betting systems video series for more details about individual betting systems and how to use them. Again, subscribe now if you haven’t and take your betting skills to a new height!

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