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5 Recommended Sports Betting Systems For Beginner

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Do you know that knowledge of sports, instincts and ability are no guarantees for a massive sports betting win? Hi, I’m DJ Kiddo and I’m the spokesperson for BettorClub. In today’s episode from the 5 minutes betting systems, we shall dive into the 5 Recommended Sports Betting Systems For Beginners. In just 5 minutes, you will learn how to harness your knowledge, instincts, and ability to maximise your earnings and reduce losses with betting systems. Before we go in-depth, quickly hit the subscribe button below so you won’t miss any of our videos. Once you’re done, let’s get started. So, what are these 5 recommended sports betting systems for beginners?

Betting System #1. Martingale

Martingale is a well-known but risky betting system. It requires you to double your stake after a loss until you win and in this way help you recover previous losses. Here’s how it works. Let’s assume you put $10 on your first wager and lose four consecutive bets, your second bet would be $20, the third and fourth would be $40 and $80, respectively. If you are not careful, you might lose $200 before you could realise it. Great research and depth of sports analysis can increase your chances of winning, but a stroke of bad luck can cause you a series of losses. Most bettors think this strategy is fail-proof, but chasing losses is the wrong way to bet.

Betting System #2. Proportional Betting System

This strategy involves risking a fraction of your bankroll and subsequently raising your wagers by the same percentage following a win. You can bet the original wager percentage after a loss. Remember, you’re free to stop before a loss if you want to bank profits. As a case in point, if you have a $2000 bankroll, you can wager 5.5 percent of the amount which is $110. Your winning adds $100 to your bankroll, totaling $2100. Your next bet will be 10 percent, which is $210. From the illustration, you can go back to the initial percentage after three consecutive wins. Your third winning wager, which is 20 percent of your bankroll, is a wise point to stop because it shields you from risking 40 percent of your money. You can increase your chances after winning bets with this system, though you risk more wins as you raise the percentage of your wage after each win.

Betting System #3. Fibonacci Sequence

Experts built Fibonacci on the foundation of a mathematical sequence where you can create a random series of numbers in which you add the last and the first number of the sequence to establish your next bet. If you win, the system will cross both numbers, and if you lose, you add the lost amount to the end of the string and continue as normal.

In a football match, three potential outcomes which include draw, loss and win are possible. The possibility of a draw is often overlooked because of the difficulty in choosing it against either team A or B winning. Fibonacci is based on the concept that bookmakers find it more difficult to predict a draw than the other two outcomes. If you wish to bet on draws, I encourage you to implement this strategy. Make sure you find bets on draws with the probability of 2.6 or more shown by the odds of the bookmaker. If you lose, increase your stake by implementing the Fibonacci sequence. But you must know a recorded number of draws across several seasons in various leagues and choose regular.

Betting System #4. Flat Betting

This is a fixed betting system, in which case you bet a fixed amount on each bet. If you wager $50, you stay with that amount on each bet whether you are losing or winning. This method guarantees a 55% winning chance. It acts as a buffer to mitigate short-term risks shielding you from quick loss and preventing burn out on successive losses. It also means you have lost the opportunity to capitalise on hot streaks and won’t win back losses quickly.

Betting System #5. Go All In

In the Go-All-In strategy, you have no buffer. If you lose, you lose all and if you win; you win all. This is no doubt the easiest strategy because it requires you to bet all your bankroll on each outcome. This means that if you have $1100 bankroll, you risk losing the total amount on the bet with minus 110 odds. But, if you win, you have a $2000 bankroll. This expensive and risk-all method can make you win big, but you can also lose all. I do not recommend it. Finally, avoid risky and expensive systems and choose a system that suits your betting scenario.

I hope this video answers your questions on the best sports betting system for beginners. And if you would like to learn more strategies that will increase your winning chances, remember to subscribe to this channel now and turn on the notifications so you won’t miss a thing. See you in our next video.

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