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Let’s Understand The Difference Of Betting Types In Soccer Betting

Let's Understand The Difference Of Betting Types In Soccer Betting Blog Featured ImageLet's Understand The Difference Of Betting Types In Soccer Betting Blog


Do you want to convert your knowledge and passion for soccer into real money? Would you like to learn tips on how to place smarter bets? Then you came to the right place.

Hi, I’m DJ Kiddo the spokesperson for this 5 Minutes Betting Systems video series by BettorClub, and in today’s video, we will be covering the various types of betting in soccer and how you can maximize these winnings. Bettors can experience the benefits of a wider variety of bets by learning about the most commonly used betting concepts in soccer. Before we proceed, please take a moment to subscribe to our channel. All our subscribers remain up-to-date on the latest strategies, matches, bets, and trends in soccer and sports betting. By subscribing, you will also receive the latest video updates on all soccer betting content.

So, the reality is, a single soccer match can produce multiple betting opportunities to pick from. Let us now explore what betting types are most preferred by punters and for what reason. As a general rule of thumb, professional bettors always stick to making predictions on the statistical probabilities within the game rather than on the final winner of the game itself.


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This provides a much larger scope for winning and creates much more favorable odds for bettors to work with.

  • The first betting type is a Moneyline bet. This is by far the most simple wager that can be placed and represents each team’s odds of winning. A bettor must simply pick a team to win. If your prediction is accurate, you are paid the full amount.
  • The second type of betting is called betting on the point-spread. The spread represents how many points a particular team must win or lose by. Bettors must predict which team will ‘cover the spread’. In this type of betting, the favorite has points deducted from their total and the underdog is given extra points to balance out the odds.
  • The third type is betting on point totals. This type of betting is also referred to as over/under betting. Punters must predict whether the combined total of both teams will be over or under the value posted by the sportsbook.
  • The next type is called Parlay. This is a wager that comprises multiple bets across multiple games. This wager is only successful when all the enclosing bets are successful. Though they are harder to win, the high payouts for these bets are worth a try.
  • The last type of bet in soccer is a Teaser.  A teaser is much like a Parlay, except you can also add points to a spread or bet on over/under. These are however less lucrative than Parlays.

We hope you found this video on betting types in soccer useful. Don’t forget to check out our other videos for more valuable information about the types of soccer betting trends and types of betting strategies in this series: 5 Minutes Betting Systems With BettorClub. Till then, good luck and see you in our next video!

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