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Rightly so, speculations have been circulating ever since the new date for the Euro 2020 games was announced about the countries playing and how the fixtures and schedules look. However, as the pinnacle of European football, the Euro Championship deserves a little more attention than that. Although, of course, anything you learn about the history and details of the tournament does not directly bear on games’ outcome, it is not a bad idea to be familiarized with the history of Eurogames that they managed to cultivate over the years. Also, when you recall that since the official postponement of this competition in March 2020, changes have been made to the proceedings of the championship tournament, knowing all you can about Euro 2020 gains a new degree of relevance. You can find BettorClub’s essential facts about this auspicious tournament here.

How UEFA Euro Tournament Started

The UEFA European Championship game is the brainchild of Henri Delauney. In 1927, the then French Football Federation helmsman proposed to FIFA that a unique football competition for European countries be created. Sadly, it would take nearly three decades after that time for the first Eurogames to be played, by which time he had passed on. In honor of the genius of his proposal, the trophy was named after him posthumously.

The Reason, Various Countries Will Be Hosting Euro 2020 Games

Viewers who followed previous editions of the competition may be lost on games held in so many locations. Most football fans are likely unaware that this quadrennial competition would celebrate its 60th anniversary with UEFA Euro 2020. Therefore, the games were decided to honor a few European countries that host the games. While the opportunity to host the games is rare, it didn’t give any host country an automatic participation ticket to the tournament. That had to be earned the usual way.

Host Countries For UEFA Euro 2020 Games

Like many other things, the list of countries slated to host this event initially had to be amended when it became clear that certain regions mightn’t meet the requirements to cater to the demand of the games. In the end, the number of countries hosting the games had to be reduced from 12 to 11. The list of countries to provide Euro 2020 stadiums include:

  • Spain (Seville)
  • Azerbaijan (Baku)
  • The Netherlands (Amsterdam)
  • Denmark (Copenhagen)
  • Hungary (Budapest)
  • Romania (Budapest)
  • England (London)
  • Scotland (Glasgow)
  • Russia (Saint Petersburg)
  • Germany (Munich)
  • Italy (Rome)

New 26-Man Squad Rule

A necessary allowance that had to be made for the coming games was that the coaches of all 24 participating international teams had been granted leave to increase their numbers from the standard 23-man troop to 26. The aim of which is to give the coaches wriggle-room, should any team member fall ill. Are you interested in more sensational Euro 2020 news and information? Then, stay tuned to subsequent posts from our expert analysts. With the countdown to June 11 in full swing, we hope you enjoy every bit of this tournament!

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