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The Euro 2020 games do not just bring fun and excitement; although it promises that and more in spades, it also presents a once-in-four-year opportunity to cash out on an astounding scale! As a bettor, you must accept that a spot-on preview and breakdown of the Eurogames is necessary for you to realize this great potential. So how do you guide your hand to place the right stakes in the UEFA Euro 2020 group stage of this highly revered competition? Here’s BettorClub’s preview, prediction, and analysis of the situation surrounding the squads lined up in Group A of the Euro 2020 games.

Euro 2020 Group A Teams and Winning Chances

Composed of Switzerland, Italy, Turkey, and Wales, many people look forward to the results that this Euro 2020 group will produce. As they will be the ones to open the Euro 2020 group stage matches, the pressure is higher on them still. Having pointed this out, let’s dig into what we can expect from the crew in this segment when day breaks on June 11.

Likely Outcome Of Encounter Between Turkey And Italy

As many entirely rightly regard these two sides as the best squads in this Euro 2020 group, their clash will be suspenseful and action-packed. Both teams have many good things going on for them both on the field and by the sidelines. Roberto Mancini has put in the time, expertise, and effort to transform how the Italian team plays and their results. Similarly, the Turks have shown again and again that they are a better side with Senol Gunes at the helm of affairs. But Italy has Turkey outmanned with the array of experienced and inspired talents they have in their lineup. So, while it might be close, we see Italy coming out as winners here.

Likely Outcome Of Encounter Between Wales And Switzerland

The best word to describe the Switzerland team’s performance is mediocre. Even though they have the talent and resources to be genuine contenders in Europe and the entire world, they seem to almost always run out of steam early on in international games. However, since the Wales squad isn’t as strong as theirs at the moment, Petkovic’s men are more than likely to run them into the ground when they finally meet. With the high stakes and morale the Swiss team will be bringing to the tournament this time; even Turkey will have a tough time beating them.

Likely Outcome Of Encounter Between Italy And Switzerland

All signs from many corners seem to indicate that the only team in this Euro 2020 group capable of truly offering Mancini’s men a worthwhile challenge is the Nati. With Xhaka and Shaqiri serving as the driving force behind the team in what is likely to be their last Euro campaign, they will be looking to railroad Italy. However, they are against experienced players like Verratti and Insigne, who Mancini knows how to use very well. Tight or not, this meet will probably end in Italy’s favor.

In Conclusion

Italy is likely to drop its other Euro 2020 group members and finish in the first place. The battle for second place will be tight between Turkey and Switzerland, but Gunes’ men may have to make way for the Nati in second place, leaving Wales to bow out at this point. See the previews for other Euro 2020 groups here.

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