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In recognition and celebration of the 60th anniversary of the European Championship, the UEFA Euro 2020 games will be held in 11 stadiums in 11 cities spread across as many countries. It is an unprecedented exercise in the competitions’ long history, and it is something that has stoked the flames of happiness of football fans all over Europe. This edition was met with more challenges, from significant shifts for a year to dropping one of the stadiums to use. However, it is a testament to the people’s will, desire, and love that the anticipation for the beginning of the games is still so high.

What’s more, even though many of the stadiums will not be in total capacity due to the pandemic’s effects, the demand for tickets was at an all-time high this time around, with nearly 30 million requests received. All of this is more than enough to tell us that this game will be one that football fans will remember for decades to come. An excellent step to start the buzz for this tournament here would be to check the teams that have been scheduled to play against each other in their respective Euro 2020 groups. Who they are and what you can expect from them all remain critical factors to tweak any decision you intend to make during this competition, be it a viewer or a bettor doing their due diligence to cover their basics. With an eye on Euro 2020 group B in this review session, check out what the current facts are saying about each team situated here.

Euro 2020 Group B Participants

As most football followers know by now, the squads featured here include Russia, Finland, Denmark, and Belgium. From experienced Belgium to fresh Finland, who is one of the two new kids on the block in the tournament, you can anticipate much from the games that these contenders will play.

Belgium Against Russia – A Sure Win For The Former

The world of football is a fierce and highly competitive one, so when a national team is regarded by FIFA as the best in the world not once, but three times straight, you don’t need to be told that anyone going against these guys will be facing an uphill task. Not only will they overwhelm Russia, Kevin DeBruyne, and Romelu Lukaku (among many others), who are sure to lead Belgium to top this Euro 2020 group B without a doubt.

Denmark Against Finland – Odds In Favor Of Denmark

The Finnish squad won’t lose here just because they’re new to Eurogames. However, it will likely happen because Denmark is the better side on paper and according to their recent performance.

Denmark Against Belgium – Tight, But Belgium To Take The Win

As the most challenging side in this Euro 2020 group B, this match will attract a lot of eyes. While Denmark may hold their own, the overwhelming force of the Henry-led side spells doom for the Danes.

Our Take

Belgium will be the country at the top of this Euro 2020 group B, followed by Denmark for sure. Finland may put up a good fight, but Russia has experience on their side, making it very likely they’ll push out the newcomers. The preview for Group C is now available. See below.

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