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Each international team that will be taking a shot at the title in this edition has been distributed into six different groups. As is the tradition in the Euro games, there are six groups, with each hosting four members. In each group, four squads are expected to play for a chance to qualify for the next round. Any team that finishes last will be sent well on their way home. Punters who are well-steeped in the world of football betting know that there is a betting market for everything in the game. In the UEFA Euro tournament, not only you have the chance to bet on a clear winner, first to score, over and under total goals, you are also given the privilege to wager on who will qualify and will have to make an early trip home once the group stage is over.

While you might be tempted to dig right in to place your bets as soon as a good opportunity presents itself, we urge bettors who want to use their bankroll to wait and soak in as much information as they can before placing a wager on any outcome. Reading the BettorClub previews on the capabilities of each of the six teams contesting in this tournament is one thing you can’t afford to do if you’re serious about placing only winning bets. If you’ve already gone through what we have to say about group A and group B, here’s our opinion on the probable flow of things here in Euro 2020 group C.

International Squads In Euro 2020 Group C

In no particular order, the teams featured here have been Austria, the Netherlands, North Macedonia, and Ukraine. As the last and only other group to contain newcomers in Euro 2020, the fixtures in this setup will prove a walk in the park for some teams to the utter dismay of others. Without mincing words, here is a tip of what to expect from the matches in Euro 2020 group C.

Ukraine Versus The Netherlands In Euro 2020 Group C

Certifiably one of the toughest meet-ups in Euro 2020 group C, the expected outcome of this match is far from set in stone. Largely considered to be more or less even in terms of squad lineup and capabilities, the one reason the Netherlands will probably come out winners in this contest is that they are in slightly better form than the opposition. Their recent results in various outings also make them the favorites here.

Austria Versus North Macedonia In Euro 2020 Group C

It takes a lot to qualify for a tournament of this magnitude, and North Macedonia has paid its dues to get this far. They turned the football world with their win against Germany and will be looking to shock Austria too. But while Austria’s defense isn’t up to par, Franco Foda makes up for this gap with effective strategy and exceptional resource dedication, meaning that they have what it takes to overpower the newcomers with a bit of effort.

Ukraine Versus North Macedonia In Euro 2020 Group C

With an efficient squad that knows each other well and works seamlessly together, we see Ukraine beating North Macedonia when they eventually meet.

In The End

The Netherlands and Austria will most likely pull through in first and second position. Ukraine is not out, though, as they have it to oust Austria if the situation allows. We’ll be back with more, so make sure you don’t miss our next post.

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