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Having been halted unexpectedly last year due to the occurrence of hitherto unforeseen circumstances, the Euro 2020 games are finally back, and it promises to be bigger and better. Although taking place a year after it was initially intended, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has chosen to retain the tournament’s initial “2020” tag. Another interesting twist to remember moving forward here is that it will be played in multiple locations across the continent for the first time in the six decades that this competition has been around.

It means for the tournament moving forward that now, for the first time in history, multiple international teams will be playing in front of their home fans! Granted, one thing that does not make this seem like too big a deal is the knowledge that most of these Euro 2020 stadiums would not be holding a packed crowd, but even at that, this development alone might be responsible for some fantastic offsets in the long run. With all 24 teams having fought tooth and nail to make it this far, no one can afford to write off any team after only a moment’s glance. However, the fact that they’ve survived and have entered the group stage means that your primary motivation for this decision has to be limited to something more than emotion, instinct, or pure speculation if you pick any one unit over the other.

It would help if you made the right decision by what the facts and figures say because of factors to consider, analyze, and interpret here; having a professional lend a hand here might make a difference in what you make (or lose) in this tournament. To keep you up to date and apprised of the constantly evolving situation of teams here, BettorClub continues to release data you can use to further your cause. To that end, see the previews for the Euro 2020 group E performers below.

When Sweden Meets Spain In Euro 2020 Group E

Spain is a shadow of the colossus it used to be. Further plagued in the back by the absence of the wall that is Sergio Ramos, Luis Enrique’s side seems hardly ready for this mighty encounter. However, against the Swedes, they will prove a formidable foe indeed. Missing Zlatan Ibrahimovic due to an injury, Sweden will try hard, but their best efforts will likely not get them past the Spaniards successfully.

When Slovakia Meets Poland In Euro 2020 Group E

The winner of the clash between Paulo Sousa’s Poland and Stefan Tarkovic’s Slovakia is uncertain and will ultimately be determined by two things; superior tactics and the form and overall influence of Robert Lewandoski on the game. Evenly matched in many ways, a Lewandoski in top form will be what delivers victory to Poland.

Between Slovakia And Sweden In Euro 2020 Group E

Many things will sway the outcome of this encounter, not least how well Alexander Isak will step into the big shoes the injured Zlatan left behind. Slovakia will be attacking with full force here with the hopes of scoring points against one of the more accessible sides in their group and not being a complete team themselves. However, they might not find this feat easy to accomplish. With Spain and Poland upfront, Sweden and Slovakia have a lot of work to do to survive this Euro 2020 Group E.

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