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Are you a sports gambler with a curiosity for winning strategies? Have you ever wondered about negative pay lines and how they work?

Hello everyone, I’m DJ Kiddo, and I’m the spokesperson for this 5 Minutes Betting Systems video series by BettorClub. In today’s episode, we will be elaborating on Moneyline betting with specific reference to negative money lines. Before we dive in, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button below and turn on your notifications. You will have the latest access to our juiciest tips and tricks to be the best bettor. Keep watching to learn more about both the pros and cons of negative money lines and how to use it to your advantage. Now let’s get to it. You might have heard about the money line bet? What is it exactly? Moneyline bets are one of the simplest and common wagers one can place on any sporting event. In this type of bet, the punter picks a single winner between two teams or two individuals for the event. If the bettor’s pick is successful, he wins the amount staked.

Moneylines can be represented in both positive and negative values because often, larger teams are paired up against inferior teams which automatically skew the odds towards a favorite. If you see a minus sign (-) in front of a team’s money line, it means that that team is the favorite. Whereas if you see a plus sign (+), that means that particular team is the underdog.

The Moneyline posted by sportsbooks for a particular team also indicates how much a bettor must bet or spend to win $100. For example, if you see that Chelsea is -250 to win. That means that a bettor would have to spend $250 to win $100. Similarly, if you see that Liverpool is +210 to win, that means that a bettor would have to spend $100 to win $210. Now, that you are familiar with how Moneyline bets function, let’s list down the pros and cons, you should keep in mind while betting on negative money lines. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons:


  • Because of the simple nature of the bet, it can be a great way for beginners to learn to play the odds.
  • It is also much easier to find value in these bets because of its simplicity.


  • Quite evidently, betting on the favorite isn’t as profitable as betting on the underdog.

We hope you found this video on negative money lines in soccer helpful. Don’t forget to check out other videos in our series. Again, please subscribe if you haven’t. You’ll be hearing from us a lot more about money line betting and soccer betting strategies if you stay tuned! Till then, see you in our next video!

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