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Asia Sportsbook Reviews By BettorClub - CMD368 SportsbookAsia Sportsbook Reviews By BettorClub - CMD368 Sportsbook

CMD368 is an online gambling platform in Asia. On the continent’s highly competitive gambling scene, the company is one of the few that truly stand out. How much does the choice of sportsbook influence the success of a sports gambler? The short answer is a lot, especially in today’s dynamic sports betting world. The bookmaker influences many things. They may seem unimportant or insignificant but, once aggregated, can have a telling influence on the fortunes of a gambler. Take prices, for instance.

There usually isn’t huge differences between the odds set by different bookies on any particular sporting event. But in the long run – and this especially applies to serious/professional bettors – consistently placing bets with bookies who offer better value odds can make a substantial difference to a punter’s profit margin. In any case, what makes a bookmaker great for a punter may not be the same for the next. One man’s meat and all. But, hopefully, with our honest review of CMD368, it should be easier for anyone to decide whether this bookmaker is for them or not.

CMD368 – Brief Overview

CMD368 is popular online gambling in Asia, one of the most established and revered in the region. The company was founded in 2013, offering both online casino and sportsbook services. At the time of writing, the gambling provider has licenses to operate in the Philippines, China, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam, among other Asian countries. This, however, is not to discount CMD368’s international presence, of which the company has a strong one.

The signing of Robert Pires as brand ambassador in 2020 is a testament to this bookmakers worldwide reach and reputability. The Arsenal legend – also a World Cup winner with France – expressed how proud he is to associate with the company. He said:  “I am proud to represent CMD368 as the brand ambassador, and I look forward to working with the brand closely to produce entertaining content and rewarding experience for the users.” CMD368 currently boasts hundreds of thousands of users and is only expected to grow even further.

CMD368 – Features

As an online sportsbook, the company has plenty of features/merits that set it apart from its competitors.

1) Rich Betting Coupon

By going out of their way to cover as wide as possible a range of sports, the bookmaker has made sure sports fans are not likely to want for anything. Soccer, golf, basketball, baseball, hockey, ice, tennis, and American football is just a snippet of the options on offer. The buffet even includes e-Sports, a novel option that is nonetheless soaring in Asia. In addition, the markets offered per event are equally plenty, something that should intrigue gutsy and enterprising punters.

2) Easy-to-Use Interface

This is an underrated attribute of online sportsbooks, but punters quickly find out a crucial one. An easy-to-use platform makes the betting process easy, straightforward and even fun. On the flip side, a complex UI is difficult and time-consuming to use. One might not even be able to find the betting options they need. Users must be able to use a platform as effectively as possible. CMD368’s interface presents simple but unique and functional aesthetics. Blue and white are the two very amenable colors combined to great harmony, and everything on their website is exactly where it ought to be.

3) Live Betting

Live betting is quickly becoming a must-have feature for any modern sportsbook, and CMD368 has not let its fans down. Their in-play section features plenty of live events, each with its own live-play options. Live betting enthusiasts will not be disappointed.

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