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Have you ever wondered how professional bettors make such accurate predictions? Do you want to learn the secret to sustaining profits in the long-run? With BettorClub, you can.

Hi, my name is DJ Kiddo, and I’m the spokesperson for this 5 Minutes Betting Systems video series by BettorClub. In today’s video, we will be breaking down the most popular betting trends in the sports betting market today. Before we deep-dive this topic, hit the subscribe button and turn on the notification so you can get all the access to our latest videos. Now, you wouldn’t miss a beat on all the betting trends and insights. Once you’ve done that, keep watching to learn more about how you can use these betting trends to your advantage and increase your chances of winning more quality bets.

Now, a lot of you must be wondering, what are betting trends and what part do they play in the betting decision process? A betting trend refers to the entire volume of bets placed on a particular event. Betting trends are a valuable betting tool through which punters can gauge the public’s interest on both teams across the Spread, Moneyline, Parlay, and Over/Under bets. It is through these betting trends that bettors figure out who is favorite and which team is the underdog. Do keep in mind that there are various categories of betting trends. Let us now elaborate on these categories.

1. The first type is situational trends.

Situational trends are observable patterns on team performance that occur due to certain external factors that are out of control. External factors include the weather, time of day of the match, whether they are playing at home or away.

2. Technical Trends

Technical trends refer to more specific scenarios that require more technical analysis of the data available on both teams. Technological trends consider winning percentages that can be compared and analyzed across groups.

3. Betting Data Trends

The internet is full of data on the performance history of all major teams in every sports field. Learning how to interpret and apply this data accurately can set a bettor apart from the rest and provide valuable insights while placing bets. Now you might be curious about the most popular betting data trends followed by punters to gain an edge over the sportsbooks. Here, we take a look at two major trends that you can follow as well.

TREND #1 – Betting against the public

If the majority of the public back one team, it makes sense to bet on the other. The premise is that the betting public is generally uninformed and this also provides better odds in case of a win.

TREND # 2 – Reverse line betting

This process involves looking for any major line movement that contradicts the public betting trends to monitor big drops in money from smart bettors and betting syndicates. Now that you know how to look out for betting trends, you can take advantage of a good opportunity when you come across it.

Hopefully, you find this video as much fun as we spent our time creating it. Be sure to subscribe and keep your notifications on so you won’t miss any upcoming episodes from this 5 minutes betting systems video series by BettorClub. Till then, I’ll see you in our next video! Good luck!

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