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Bet365 & Sbobet – Indonesia Punters Favourite

Bet365 & Sbobet - Indonesia Punters Favourite Blog Featured ImageBet365 & Sbobet - Indonesia Punters Favourite Blog

Bet365 and Sbobet are two names that need no introduction to online sports bettors in Indonesia and most of Asia. They are two of the biggest online sports bookies in the industry. Every punter worth their salt knows how important it is to choose your sports bookmaker meticulously. This should be top of the list in terms of strategies for successful sports betting. Before one can place a bet, they have to deposit their stake with the bookmaker of their choice. That alone is a reason to be diligent since no punter can afford to be scammed by a shady online betting provider.

Second of all, signing up with a bookmaker means trusting them with personal info such as name, address and more. In this era of identity theft and harassment, one must be increasingly vigilant. For a new sports bookie to establish even a modicum of trust takes hard work. This is why while droves of betting companies start up each year, a lot of them are closing down. Bet365 and Sbobet are two of those who have stood firm. The fact that they’re such a hit among punters can only mean they’re doing many things right. Let’s consider the reasons for the popularity of Bet365 and Sbobet in Indonesia and around the world. Based on that, you can decide whether they fit your individual needs as a sports bettor or not.

Bet365 Features/Merits

Bet365’s audacious claim of being “the world’s favourite online sports betting company” can’t precisely be proved, but it can’t be discredited either. We know that the England-based bookmaker, as of 2020, had a reported 3.9 billion US dollars in revenue. Raking in that much is no mean feat. Bet365 is third globally in that respect, and their figures in terms of operating profits and revenue continue to soar yearly.

The above is the first reason why so many punters like Bet365. Such financial power and commercial success mean one can bet on this bookie’s accountability in terms of not only paying out winnings but releasing them on time. They have a rock-solid history too. Having started in 2000, Bet365 went online in 2001 and has been in business for two decades as of 2020. New customers get 5-star treatment at Bet365. In addition, up to £100 ($134) is offered in free bet credits for new users, which is a huge incentive.

Punters have also lauded the company’s online platform as very well-designed. One can find all functions and betting markets very quickly. One of the site’s best features is its live streaming. Billed as the best in the world, Bet365’s live streaming covers all top sports worldwide. So one can watch any top, live sporting event from around the globe as long as they’re log in and wager on that event. Being the international bookmaker that they are, Bet365 offer a large selection of sport types and a myriad of markets for each match.

Sbobet Features/Merits

Sbobet was founded in 2004 and had operations in many parts of the world, including Asia and Europe. Among its numerous accolades is being selected as shirt sponsor for Leeds United and West Ham in the Premier League and being voted Asian Operator of The year in 2009. Sbobet holds huge appeal to soccer fans due to its great Over/Under betting margins and marvellous Asian handicap betting features.

The main website itself is very easy to navigate, providing a fast and seamless betting experience. The desktop version is complemented by a slick mobile version, with a very functional app also provided for various mobile platforms. Another key feature of SBOBET is their highly professional customer support. Their live chat works as it ought to, with agents who are as willing to assist as they are technically knowledgeable. Being an Asia-based bookmaker, Indonesian punters will be glad to know that theirs is one of the languages supported, along with six other international languages.

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