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Maxbet is another standout performer in the highly competitive, Asian online gambling scene. Specifically, the company is a highly established sports bookmaker, one with claims of being the largest on the continent and one of the world’s best. It’s a genuinely dynamic sports betting world today, one that requires that punters live right on the bleeding edge of it if they’re to maximize earnings. One of the considerations that have gained even more importance in this age is the choice of the bookmaker. There’s plenty of options available. Ever since the advent of online gambling, it had become considerably easier to set up sportsbooks – certainly far less complicated than the years when brick-and-mortar bet shops were the norm. The consequence is that there are way more sportsbooks than a punter knows what to do with. Some are exceptionally good in terms of features and their handling of customers. Some are pretty good, and others bang average. There’s also a rotten bunch who are downright awful and sometimes unlicensed and fraudulent. No one would class Maxbet into the latter category. But are they the best sportsbook that Asia has to offer? If not the best, do they at least have qualities that should sway a discerning punter into signing up? Let’s have a look.

Maxbet Sportsbook – Brief History/Overview

Maxbet was created in 2008. This means that they’ve been in operation for 13 years at the time of this review. Firstright Developments Limited manages the company’s betting operations. Initially starting as a purely Philippine-based gambling company, they steadily grew into international reckoning – so much so that they are considered the most extensive online sportsbook in Asia. Maxbet is licensed in the Philippines by First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation. FCLRC is one of the most trusted licensors in Asia and a subsidiary of the world-renowned Leisure and Resorts World Corporation.

Merits Of Maxbet Sportsbook

Here are the factors that stand Maxbet out over other bookies out there.

Live Bets

Maxbet has a reputation as one of the best sportsbooks globally when it comes to live bets. Experienced sports punters will know what live bets are and how they can dramatically improve anyone’s betting fortunes. Live betting has, quite simply, become an industry game-changer. The ability to place bets while a sporting event is underway increases profit-making opportunities and adds a layer of almost palpable excitement to gambling. Maxbet, with an average of 6000 live matches available per month, does not disappoint its clientele in this regard.

Limits. Huge Limits

This feature is a massive attraction to punters that regard themselves as “big ballers”. Betting limits are a way for betting companies to control the size of their potential losses. This is important because if a punter were to wager a colossal amount and win, most bookies would shut down due to insolvency. However, betting big also means the potential to win BIG, and some bookies have specialized in allowing extraordinarily high limits. Maxbet stands out in this regard. Nobody knows whether this has to do with their “max bet” branding (therefore allowing large, maximum bets?). But if you’re a big baller, you can’t go too wrong with this Asian giant.

Wide Range Of Sports & Markets

You’re not likely to miss out on the chance to bet on a sporting event with Maxbet. Any game whatsoever. Practically all sport types are covered. Motorsports, athletics, swimming, snooker tennis, badminton, basketball, hockey, soccer, handball, rugby, hockey, ice golf, you name it. Horse and dog racing, too. Select an event, and the punter is inundated with a buffet of betting markets to choose from. Putting aside the prosaic 1×2, adventurous punters have the chance to tinker with sub-bets like Over/Under, Correct Score, Odd/Even and many, many more.

Demerits Of Maxbet Sportsbook

There are no noteworthy downsides to vilify Maxbet on. The bookmaker has all the basics well covered – the result of honest hard work and a wealth of experience in the industry.

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