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1X2 Betting Guide

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1X2 betting is also referred to as moneyline or three-way betting. It is one of the most popular wagers in sports betting and the simplest. Sports betting has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few decades. When the industry was in its infancy, 1X2 betting was the very definition of sports gambling. Compared to today’s myriad sports betting strategies and markets, 1X2 was mostly the only bet sports punters knew of. In recent years, punters’ growing needs and tastes have forced bookmakers to evolve. Slowly but surely, new markets have been added to betting portfolios, to a point where it can get quite overwhelming. In the midst of it all, however, some punters still love the classic 1X2 bet and even focus exclusively on it. We hope that with this guide, punters of various experience levels can understand 1X2 betting better and how to apply it in their sports gambling endeavors.

What’s 1X2 Betting?

Also known as a moneyline bet, 1X2 betting is, for most contemporary punters, an archaic form of sports betting. It means predicting the team or player to win a match. The ‘1’ denotes the home team. Picking 1 means the punter is backing a home-team win. Similarly, the ‘2’ stands for away team. A punter backing the away team picks 2. ‘X’ stands for Draw. A punter picks X if they’re predicting the match to end on equal points or goals for both teams or players. The X means that 1X2 betting is solely applicable to sports where a Draw is one of the possibilities in the final match result. Soccer is one of the most popular sports for 1X2 betting. If either team scores more goals than the other, it results in a Home or Away wins. If the teams score an equal number of goals, the match ends as a draw (hence the ‘X’). 1X2 is uncomplicated and almost elementary. A 1X2 Match has the three possible outcomes above, meaning any 1X2 bet has a 33.33% winning.

When Is 1X2 Betting Best Applied?

There’s a general notion that 1X2 betting is hard to pull off, especially in the soccer betting world. Detractors of this betting strategy opine that there are many much easier predictions from a match than the outright winner. They’re right – to a degree. But 1X2 is not to be straight-up discarded out of the window. There are plenty of sports punters out there who make a killing out of it. They just know the situations that best fit this kind of bet.

Favorite vs. Underdog

A favorite vs. underdog match is where there’s a clear favorite and clear underdog. In this type of match, everyone – bookmakers included – expects the favorites to win, and they usually do. Such a match is easier to predict than a regular match, making the 1X2 pick less risky and still quite profitable.

When Equipped With Insider Knowledge

There are situations where a punter has a piece of information that can predict a 1X2 match more easily than would normally be the case. Such knowledge could be the result of diligent research on teams or players. Other times it could come from being a fervent supporter or follower of a team. An example is knowing how intimate events around a club affect the team’s mentality/morale in the buildup to a match. In that scenario, a punter has a piece of knowledge that would enhance their confidence (and the likelihood of success) in predicting a match result. 1X2 is a great way to capitalize on that.

For Low-Stake Accas

It is a popular strategy today to bet on huge accumulators (parlay bets) using small stakes. An accumulator is any bet that contains multiple linked outcomes. All outcomes must come true for the bet to win. Generally, 1X2 betting provides much more profitable odds than most other markets. Linking multiple 1X2’s into an accumulator provides a great chance to reap a bumper acca win!

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