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United Gaming Sportsbook Reviews

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As sports coverage continues to grow steadily around the world, and so too does sports betting. With a forecast Compound Growth Rate of 10% per year from 2021 to 2025, the industry will see more and more players enter the fray – that’s in terms of both punters and sports bookmakers. There is plenty of advice out there on how to succeed as a sports punter. But what should a company do to prosper as a sportsbook in the modern age? Well, for starters, it is highly advisable to have a strong, reliable online platform/website. The days when sports betting could only do only by visiting physical shops are long gone. While it is easy to argue that the foremost thing one would need is users and plenty of them, it is difficult (if not impossible) to have subscribers if you have no online platform to direct them to. That’s where a sports betting software provider like United Gaming comes in. Companies like United Gaming provide online sportsbooks with their sports fans’ platforms to perform their betting activities. The activities include the most vital – placing their sports wagers! And for most intents and purposes, an online sportsbook is only as good as the robustness of its betting platform.

United Gaming… At A Glance

United Gaming is one of the most popular online gaming and sports betting solution providers in the Asia-Pacific region. They provide sportsbook solutions and turnkey software for online casino gaming, including live dealer and mobile gaming tools. United Gaming offers online casino software for online gambling companies while also providing an in-house live casino gaming experience for online gamblers. Nonetheless, on the sportsbook side, they only provide software, though one can imagine that changing in the future. The company has provided betting platforms for top online bookmakers in terms of sportsbook software, accumulating a wealth of experience in the process.

United Gaming Sportsbook – The Merits

  • Reliability: as an established software provider on the online sports betting scene, it is hard to go wrong with United Gaming. The company has an established track record in implementing and managing gaming platforms.
  • Managed services: the company offers managed services for online sportsbook operators, giving new and less experienced bookmakers the peace of mind needed to venture into today’s highly cutthroat online betting arena. Their product includes risk management with close monitoring of events to stave off insolvency and ensure target profits are met.
  • Customization: United Gaming’s sportsbook product comes with many customization options, which is advantageous for various reasons.
    • The obvious one is allowing bookmakers to fine-tune the system, given no one solution suits everyone.
    • Removal of unnecessary features can help reduce bookmakers’ operating costs.
    • Perhaps most importantly, the product’s customizability allows companies to build their brand into the system. This can be crucial when trying to establish a fan based.
  • Rich sports betting offerings: the sportsbook offers a wide variety of sports types allowing over 60 000 unique events each month. There are over 60 sports and over 1000 bet types. Soccer punters are well catered for, with almost 150 soccer leagues represented on the platform. Sports punters are spoilt for choice, which is a good thing!
  • Top-notch API integration: their sports betting software fulfills all the requirements of a powerful, modern platform, combining a user-friendly interface with great ease of maintainability. Customer support is highly skilled and available 24 hours.

United Gaming Sportsbook – Demerits

Such a feature-rich sportsbook platform as the one offered by United Gaming does not come cheap. That means that for an underdog betting provider starting, the cost could be prohibitive. Other than that, our review could not find much to complain about UG’s stellar product.

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