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Tips & Tricks To Beat The Bookies

Tips & Tricks To Beat The Bookies Blog Featured ImageTips & Tricks To Beat The Bookies Blog

To beat the bookies is every sports punter’s eternal wish and struggle. It means to overcome one’s bookmakers and come out on top with a win from any sports bet. Is it possible to beat the bookies? The short answer is YES. For many sports punters whose careers are not going great, it can seem as though this is unattainable. But the truth of the matter is that punters can and do beat the bookies. AND it is possible to do it regularly. If it weren’t possible, the sports betting industry as we know would have to cease to exist. Can you picture a scenario where it would still be impossible to win a bet no matter what one did? People win sports bets all the time and will continue to. The fact that there are career sports gamblers – punters who earn a living solely through sports betting – is soundproof.

So How Can One Beat The Bookies?

To have the edge over bookmakers, the first, universal thing a punter must do is stop relying on luck. Sure, luck can win out in some cases, but it is not sustainable in the long term, especially not for those who want to make real money from betting. Substitute hunches for betting strategies. Learn the various tips and tricks available to sports punters and make strategic use of them.

Beat the Bookies – Main Strategies

Sports betting strategies, also known as betting systems, are things a punter does to give them an edge over the bookmaker. Let’s look at some of the most solid strategies that can help a bettor beat the bookies in this day and age.

1. Know Your Sport

Your head, not your heart – that’s what every serious sports punter needs to remember. No bet should be made based on teams or players they want to win. Instead, one must bet based on the team or player they think or expect is likely to win if a pick satisfies both criteria, then great! Otherwise, always go with the second option. So how should one bet with their head? Proper and prudent research must be done into matches and games before bets are placed. Take time to look into current/recent performances, and don’t be swayed by historical successes or reputations. This knowledge is exactly how you catch a bookie that’s off their line and beat them! It’s not rocket science. Better sports knowledge allows better betting decisions and, therefore, higher profits.

2. Vary Your Betting

1X2, also known as moneyline betting, is the staple of the sports betting world. Nonetheless, smarter punters know this is not the way to beat the bookies. Certainly not by focusing exclusively on that single market. That’s not to say 1X2 bets should never be placed. But one should never look at a match and think only of picking out the outright winner. As many have found out, an outright winner can be incredibly hard to predict, and why many sports punters lose out. Those interested in garnering real cheddar from sports betting know to look past the moneyline and into other unique markets. These include Both Teams To Score, Total Goals, Handicaps, HT/FT, and more. These other markets may not offer potential profits as high as those of 1X2, but they are easier to win given that they allow easier predictions.

3. Value Bets And Long(er) Odds

One of the easiest ways to really beat the bookies is to take the longest odds available for any bet. This is best done by comparing sportsbooks’ odds on the match and simply picking the one offering the most profit. Fortunately, there are many free odds comparison services on the Internet today. They can help save time and quickly identify tasty odds, especially when a bookmaker is offering a promotion ahead of a big match. The other thing is that every bet placed by a smart punter must offer value. Bookmakers set odds according to their evaluation of how likely an event is likely to occur. A value bet is where the bookmaker’s odds are much higher than the actual probability of the event happening. In such a situation, a punter can beat the bookies by simply showing that the bookie’s evaluations were simply off.

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