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Two Gambling Systems That Never Lose

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Gambling systems are a way to involve methodology in gambling, and especially sports betting. Not too long ago, sports betting was just a pastime among those for money to splash on a bit of high-adrenaline fun. 21st century sports betting, on the other hand, is taking a dramatic turn. There are more and more punters who can be classified as professional bettors. For people like these, betting is a career. It is a serious enterprise with the aim of bringing home the bacon. Professional punters, as opposed to casual gamblers, rely on gambling systems to increase Returns on Investment. Also called betting systems, gambling systems improve chances of winning sports bets, as well as consistency. What better then, than a gambling system that ensures the punter absolutely CAN’T LOSE money? Wait, do such even exist? Well they do, and Bettorclub has the low-down on the best methods to achieve that!

Gambling Systems For Zero Risk Betting

Yes, there are ways to bet with zero risk of losing money. Two things can be noted with these types of betting strategies:

  • They are gambling systems where chance taking is eliminated in favor of pure mathematical strategy.
  • They often require meticulous research to identify betting opportunities that allow profiting without risk.

1. Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting is one of the gambling systems that relies on information discrepancies in the sports betting world to identify profitable opportunities. There are three crucial aspects that stand out about arbitrage betting:

  • Two bookmakers involved.
  • Two outcomes from the same sporting event.
  • The outcomes have to be opposite of each other.

We say two bookmakers because it is virtually impossible for the same bookmaker to offer a sporting event with odds that allow an arbitrage opportunity. In all fairness, it’s still rare for different bookies to think too divergent about any sporting event, but it’s certainly not unheard of. Two bookmakers can, for instance and for some reason, differ strongly on who wins a tennis match. The above tennis scenario means they offer high odds for either player, and that is a fantastic opportunity for arbitrage. There are no draws in tennis, so it is either player A wins the match or player B does. The entire probability space is covered by those two potential outcomes. Now say one bookmaker offers odds of 2.20 for player A and a second bookmaker offers 2.10 for player B. Here’s how arbitrage could be used in this situation:

  • Back player A with $100 at the first bookmaker.
  • Back player B with an equal amount of $100 at the second bookmaker.
  • The total staked on both players A & B would be $200 and no matter which player won, a profit would result.
  • Player A winning would mean a profit of ($100*2.20) – $200 = $20.
  • Player B winning would mean a profit of ($100*2.10) – $200 = $10.
  • Crucially, in this situation, there’s zero possibility of losing and therefore ZERO RISK!

2. Matched Betting Gambling System

Matched betting is not too dissimilar to arbitrage but relies on free bets – at least partially. Most bookmakers offer free bets or bonuses, and these are always a delight to take advantage of. Consequently, this system is also called bonus hunting. Oftentimes a bookmaker will offer to match their customers first deposit on signing up. So say a punter deposits $100, and is rewarded with matching free bet offer of $100 by their bookie. Similar to the tennis example above:

  • Their can use their real money deposit of $100 to back player A at odds of 2.20.
  • Use their $100 free bet to back player B at 2.10.
  • The net stake would be $100 since only one bet is made using “real” money. No matter the outcome of the match, they are guaranteed a profit.
  • If player A wins, the profit would be ($100*2.20) – $100 = $120.
  • Either way, just as with arbitrage, there zero possibility of loss and therefore ZERO RISK!

From the above example, the matched betting gambling systems actually offer higher profit than arbitrage since part of the net spend on the stake is supplied by the bookmaker’s benevolent, free bet.

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