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Cricket Betting Basics Guide

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Never before has there been a better time for sports gamblers, both pros and amateurs, to try their hand at cricket betting. All year round there are stacks of tournaments going on. Each of them provides fruitful opportunities for betting revenue. Cricket betting is not a new thing. However, gambling on the sport has not always been a straightforward affair. Fortunately, thanks to the cutthroat competition on the sports betting arena nowadays, the industry has really blossomed. This growth has allowed streamlining of cricket betting, with punters now presented with a myriad of betting options and attractive odds.

How Does Cricket Betting Work?

It isn’t fair for anyone with a good amount of cricket knowledge to waste it when there are such ample money-making opportunities online. That fandom can and should translate to cold, hard cash! With cricket betting, people knowledgeable of the sport can place wagers with a good sports bookie and reap the benefits. If you’re a cricket fan but unsure how you could start earning from it, you’re in the right place. And even if you’re already in the game, stick with us and you could learn pick up a new tip. For starters, there are various ways you can place a cricket wager. Here are the best types:

1) Match Winner

The match winner bet is the most popular bet in cricket . It means simply predicting who wins a match between two teams. And who wins a cricket match? Just like in American baseball, match winner in cricket is the team that scores most runs at the end of the game. This bet is where cricket betting newbies are advised to start, because it requires a very elementary understanding of the prediction. Even punters with meager knowledge of the sport can have some success here since they just need to take a chance on the top performing teams.

2) Tournament Betting

Most of the time, cricket competitions will be set up as tournaments, rather than single matches. With tournament betting, the punter must predict who wins a cricket tournament, as opposed to a single match. A tournament has several matches, and the team that wins it has to win a number of matches. This instantly makes tournament cricket betting much riskier than match winner betting, but there’s another side of the coin. The heightened risk goes hand in hand with higher odds and higher potential profits from the wager.

3) Cricket Series Betting

One can think of a series bet like a tournament bet but with a slight difference. Rather than predicting a tourney winner, the punter in this case predicts the winner of a series of matches between two teams. The idea stems from the fact that many cricket competitions feature two teams squaring off in a series of matches. The series winner might be determined by which team wins, for instance, a set of three matches.

4) Over/Under Betting

In this bet, the punter predicts the number of runs that will be scored by both teams in a match. The bookmaker will often specify a line, challenging the punter to forecast whether the total match runs will be over or under that line. The bet settles at the end of the match.
How to Place a Wager in Cricket Betting It’s very rare in this day and age for a punter to visit a physical betting shop just to wager on cricket. Why the hustle, when one can conduct their gambling affairs on the fly via convenient online platforms and mobile apps? Payouts are also faster, and unscrupulous bookies are quickly weeded out once their negative reviews pop up on the net. Here’s the simple procedure on how to place a cricket bet online:

  • Open an account with a trusty cricket betting sportsbook. Some of the best ones include: Betway, Bet365, Pinnacle, Coral, and 888sport. Look out for those with good promotions and sign-up bonuses.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Find the cricket league/competition/series/match you want to wager on
  • Identify the bet type/market you want. Examples include match winner, series winner etc. as explained above.
  • Specify the amount you want to wager.
  • Review your selection and odds.
  • Confirm the bet by clicking “Place Bet”.

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