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Some Of The Best NFL Betting Strategy

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It has often been said there’s no one best NFL betting strategy for American football. But while that notion is true, from certain angles, it does not always hold. There are betting strategies that are better than others, but depends on the aims of the punter. Is it professional betting for serious income, or is it for the fun of it? For each betting objective, there’s an ultimate betting strategy that should help the punter achieve their goal quicker and more effectively. Gone are the days when betting was all about the moneyline. Modern sports gambling allows punters a myriad of options and markets to diversify their play. With these options comes great freedom to plan strategies that offer the best chances of sports betting success.

Best NFL Betting Strategy For Big Profits

Accumulators/Parlay Betting

There’s little doubt that parlay betting is the best way to win quick and large in sports betting. This is the ultimate NFL betting strategy for punters aiming to rake in big wins. Also known as an accumulator, a parlay is a compound bet. Rather than betting on a single outcome from a game/sporting event, the punter combines multiple outcomes on a single betting ticket. In essence, it is a number of straight bets tied together into a single bet. If the bet is won, the profits are orders higher than those of a typical straight bet. That’s because the winnings from each individual prediction accrue and are used as stake for the next prediction, one and on to the end of the bet. Getting a single prediction wrong loses the entire bet – that’s the peril. But as any punter who has won accumulator will tell you, one can make a killing. It is possible to turn a really small stake into the most tantalizing profit, and there’s simply no better feeling in sports gambling .

Handicap Betting

Handicaps are a great way to increase potential profits from any NFL bet. For a punter with in-depth knowledge of American football, it is arguably the best NFL betting strategy for big profits. Say you believe the Chiefs will beat the Buccaneers in a game. That prediction can yield some good profit in a moneyline bet. But if the punter believes that the Chiefs will win by a large margin, placing a handicap on the Bucs is a great way to raise the prices (and therefore profits) on a Chiefs win.

Best NFL Betting Strategy For Fun Gambling

Novelties/Proposition Bets

Casual punters who are in the game purely for the thrill of it have a great option – proposition betting. A prop is any bet on an outcome that does not directly relate to the final result of a game. In other words, an outcome not concerned with who wins or loses an event. With proposition betting one has scores of options, ranging from fun ones, to random ones, to the utterly ridiculous. Here are some of the picks from the recently concluded Super Bowl LV:

  • Coin toss! Happy-go-lucky punters were able to choose whether the coin toss would land a Heads or Tails.
  • Bookies went even further with the coin toss stuff, allowing punters to predict what each team would call for the coin toss. Chiefs won the toss which landed on heads.
  • And then even further to allow the punters predict whether the team that won the toss would also win the game! The Chiefs lost despite winning the toss.
  • Punters were allowed to wager which commercial would air first among a set of Anheuser-Busch options.
  • And, how many of the commercials would feature a dog in them?! And how many would feature a person wearing a mask?!
  • Would the president call the coach of the winning team to congratulate them?

Evidently, prop bets are more for the thrill of it than for any genuine money-making. And there are proposition options that are much more serious or sensible. But for punters who have amusement as their entire enterprise, there’s no better place to look.

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