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Some Of The Most Profitable Casino Game

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Any casino game can be entertaining and even lucrative depending on many things. Foremost among them are the player’s preferences and level of skill. Obviously, a gambler’s preferred casino game is always more enjoyable for them, and they’re more likely to win more at a game they have more experience in. Regardless, some casino games are generally more profitable than others. For that reason, if you’re in the game to make real money, there is always a casino game you’d rather go to than others.

Profitability Factors For A Casino Game

These are the aspects that commonly affect how profitable any casino game is likely to be:


Payout is probably the most crucial influence on how often a casino game yields returns and how big. In simple terms, it is the amount of money that a gambler receives for their winning bet. Since it usually includes the profit as well as original stake, the real payout must be determined by subtracting the stake from the gross return. Another easy way to understand it is to look at payout as the money a bookie or casino loses to customers who win. In a general sense some games offer higher payouts than others. That means they have higher odds regardless of the casino.


Volatility is variance in gambling. It is a measure of how often a gambler can expect to win at a casino game, and how big or small they can expect the wins to be. A high volatility casino game posts wins more rarely, but when they do happen they are staggering. Conversely, a low volatility game features many small wins more often. Both low and high volatility can have advantages. A patient gambler can choose to play the long game, sticking it out and waiting for their big break. They may have to endure a long winless streak and must also realize that their big win may never materialize. On the other hand, professional gamblers looking to make a consistent profit every set time period favor a low volatility game that keeps the bank balance ticking over.

Casino Game Session Duration

Longer games provide less opportunity to garner wins. On the other hand, shorter session games allow the gambler to try more times and therefore improves their chances of success.

Most Profitable Casino Game? – Blackjack!

Blackjack takes the crown in terms of the most financially attractive casino offerings today. Otherwise known as “21”, the game offers a great balance between player luck and skill. The good thing with the game is that mastering a few strategies can provide the player with an edge that really ups their win percentage. The other good thing with blackjack is that, starting out, the gambler has a whooping 42.22% win chance, and the house edge is just 1%. These are pretty good statistics for those looking to make sustainable income from gambling.

Consider The Rules

That said, blackjack has many variants based on many different side rules for playing the game. These rules can affect the house edge and therefore probability of winning. Mastering the rules improves a gambler’s fortunes and playing a version one’s unfamiliar with does the opposite. To give yourself the best chance of coming up trumps, therefore, look out for versions you’re more adept at. For instance, the game can feature anywhere between one to eight card decks. Experienced players know that the fewer the number of decks the better because it improves the chances of hitting 21. Other special rules include allowing re-splitting aces, re-splitting into two or four hands, surrendering, etc.

Look At The Ratios

Another important thing to look out for in blackjack is the pay ratio. Different tables pay out differently, most popularly 3 to 2 or 6 to 5. Most pro players flee from a casino that offers a 6 to 5 ratio, and with good reason. 6 to 5 means the player gets $6 for every $5 gambled. 3 to 2, au contraire, means $3 for every $2 stake. Rookie gamblers might easily be lured in by the $6, but 6 to 5 represents a much steeper house edge. The best ration one could get is 2 to 1, but very seldom will a casino offer that today.

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