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Casino games are nothing if not winnable, because otherwise there wouldn’t be so many people interested in playing them. In the same vein, however, they can also be hard and complicated, because if it wasn’t so, everyone would try their hand at them. Casino games can be hard to win at in various ways. Here are three that stand out:

Luck Based Casino Games

Some of casino games are heavily reliant on probability i.e. pure luck. Given that the possibility of winning was never that huge to begin with, the odds are stacked against the gambler even before the game starts. True, some people can win regularly at such games, but there are many others upon whom lady luck rarely smiles. Such people might come agonizingly close a couple of times but ultimately end up empty-handed.

Complex Casino Games

The next iteration of hard casino games are those whose rules of play are difficult to grasp, especially for rookie gamblers. Without mastery of the rules, gamblers will always find it difficult to devise tactics for winning or even apply them. Lack of game knowledge makes games hard, and is a recipe for failure in gambling.

Games Requiring High Skill Levels

Sometimes a gambler may know all the rules for playing a game inside out but lack the necessary skills to win or win consistently. Skillful gamblers have various strategies to apply in winning casino games. For others, however, the strategies can be complex and challenging to know how or when to use them to effect. Beginners playing against experienced old heads can have an especially tough time of it.

Hardest Casino Games To Win

1) Straight-Up Roulette

Many people underestimate how difficult it can be to come up trumps in a game of roulette. This owes a lot to the simplicity of the rules. A game of roulette involves a wheel with numbers 0-36 printed on it (plus “00” for the American version). A ball is randomly put in motion, and players bet on which number the ball lands. To a layman, that can sound like a piece of cake. However, what people forget is that the probability of getting the prediction right is 1-in-36 (or 1-in-37, depending on roulette wheel type). That means a meager 2.7% chance of getting it right. This makes roulette truly a game for the lucky. The odds are much improved when betting inside bets (as opposed to straight), e.g. corner bets and even/odd bets but even then, the luck element remains unchanged.

2) Blackjack

Blackjack is easily one of the most challenging casino games for a rookie gambler. It is a game that relies on both luck and strategy, and many new players lack the latter. The basics that most people know is that the player competes against the dealer. They are dealt two cards each, and then the player starts to draw extra cards to get their total more than the dealers and as close to 21 as possible without going over. What many may not know are such things as:

  • A 8 can be split into two 4’s, a 14 into two 7’s. It involves placing a new bet with an equal wager but improves chances of beating the dealer.
  • If dealt a poor pair of cards, a player can surrender the hand to receive half of their stake back *at some casinos*. Helps mitigate losses.
  • It’s not always about attacking – a player can play defensively. For instance, with a total of 15 from two cards, one may opt to stand rather than risk picking an extra card and go over.

The above three are just a few of the strategies used by experienced blackjack players. Beginners without such knowledge might find blackjack a tough nut to crack, wondering how they keep losing all the time.

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