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They say one man’s meat is another’s poison, and this adage is very aptly applicable to any casino games. What are the reasons we get so hooked onto some things, feel indifferent to some and loathe others? The answer lies in our DNA and our unique brain chemistries. In the presence of likable things, our brains release large doses of dopamine. It’s the chemical that activates the brain’s reward system, creating a rush of happiness and excitement. What anyone’s most addictive casino games is a very personal thing. Nonetheless, statistics do point to some casino games being more irresistible to more people than others.

The Most Addictive Casino Game Today? – Slot Machines!

It’s easy, happy-go-lucky fun without any of the grave contemplation of most other games, so who can resist it? People just love to play the slots – it’s that simple. It’s rare to find anyone that played and didn’t want go again. It’s mesmerizing fun.

How Do Slots Work?

  • First step is to purchase playing credits from the casino. A credit means a chance to spin the machine once. Different casinos will have different prices for credits, but it’s common for a credit to go for $1.
  • Next, the player spins the machine. In the case of a physical machine, they do so by pulling a lever or pressing a button. There will be a screen on which a series of symbols will be displayed. The number of symbols depends on how many reels a machine has, e.g. three-reel, four-reel or five-reel machine.
  • To win, a number of symbols have to match on an horizontal line on the screen i.e. the pay-line. For a three-reel machine, matching three symbols clinches the absolute prize. However, on some slot machines it matters which symbols the player matches. Some symbols carry more prestige and therefore higher payouts.

Reasons why the slots casino game is so addictive:

1) Solitary Fun

For those who love to have fun by themselves, there are few things better than slots. It’s just you, the lever and the screen. Alone, but not lonely in the least.

2) A Perpetual Casino Game!

Slots are the very definition of endless fun. There’s no waiting on the dealer/other players. It has no stopping point built into it. Players are thus able to jump from one spin to the next and the next and the next…

3) Rapid

The quickness of slot machine play is probably its most compelling feature. It’s like a form of rapid betting. After pulling the lever, barely two seconds are over before the player knows their fate. Talk about an instant rush of excitement, or disappointment! In the case of the latter, a retry is just a second lever pull away. Crazily enough, a slot machine can boost one’s morale even when they’re losing. It’s the kind of scenario that the brain simply lives for.

4) Graphics… And Sounds

Even in its most basic form, a slots casino game is quite compelling. But developers have sweetened the pot by building enthralling visuals and sounds into the game. Talk about big doses of dopamine and hypnosis! The graphics and sounds when the reels spin provide next-level stimulation. And about when a player wins?! The graphics and sounds then are even more alluring, and are sometimes taken from popular movies or songs that provide an almost palpable feel-good factor. It’s top-notch, infallible behavioral science.

5) All About Lady Luck

Anyone can play and win at the slots. There’s no skill required. There are no complicated strategies to boggle the mind with. The simplicity of it all lends this casino game great appeal.

Most Addictive Casino Games – Stats

There’s no space for conjecture or assumption when it comes to numbers – they’re truth tellers. For starters, slot games bring in more than 70% of revenue for most casinos today. That alone would suggest that slots are the most attractive offering at gambling establishments, despite not having comparable payouts to other games. Additionally, in a 2017 gambling study conducted in Italy, 55% of respondents admitted to slots being the most addictive. On the least addictive end of the spectrum were Bingo halls and Lotto.

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