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Proven Online Roulette Strategies

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Roulette is a game that has come a really long way to get to the convenient, online roulette of today. The earliest forms of roulette were recorded over 300 years ago. Of course by then the Internet wasn’t even something anyone had dreamt of. Invented in the 1720s, the primitive form was a cross between the Italian game Biribi and a mechanical gaming wheel. Roulette has grown in leaps and bounds since then. Now not only do we have a modern form of the game with thoroughly refined rules, odds and payouts, we have online roulette! And not only are we able to play from the comfort of our couches, we have betting strategies to apply to improve gambling success. These betting systems are in a state of continual fine-tuning almost on a daily basis.

Online Roulette Strategies For 2021

Before talking strategy for online roulette, it is important to ask oneself the luck/skill question. Games like poker and to a slightly lesser extent blackjack require the player to have some skill to improve likelihood of success. Roulette, on the other hand, is 100% luck reliant. Therefore, any strategies you can have for roulette can only increase the likelihood of fortune smiling your way. The luck element means that it’s still fate that guides the gambler’s hand. That said, the strategies we share here have been proven to really increase success at online roulette. Applied properly, they should allow any player to eke out a good profit in the long run. Basically, it’s what every good gambler should hope for!

1) Online Roulette’s Outside Bets Rock

Despite the use of computers and the Internet, the basic systems of regular roulette are similar to those of online roulette. Software called a Random Number Generator provides the random odds and probabilities that a real table with a live, human dealer would. So then, just as with regular roulette, it’s important to distinguish between inside bets and outside bets. The inside or inner row of the roulette table features numbers that attract a larger payout. The downside is that the huge potential for profit comes at the risk of huge potential for losses. It is much harder to hit those numbers. The outside row is the opposite. The odds of hitting numbers on the outside row are a lot better but pay commensurately lower. Playing outside bets makes you more likely to win. The idea, then, is that by racking up small wins more often, it should be easier to ultimately turn a profit than going for inside bets and losing most of the time.

2) Prefer European Online Roulette

The two main versions of online roulette are American and European roulette.  The main difference is the number of green pockets or zeros. While the American version has two (0 and 00) the European version has just one (0). The total numbers on the European table is therefore 37 compared to 38 for American. Essentially, this translates to a house edge of 5.26% for American roulette versus just 2.7% for European roulette. Any gambler who understands the concept of house edge knows to stay away from games with a steep house edge.

3) Use The Martingale System

If you’re going to make use of the outside bets strategy above, then it especially makes sense to combine it with the Martingale system. Either way, the Martingale system works a treat online roulette for reasons we are about to see. First, the system works as follows:

  1. Decide on your bankroll.
  2. Choose a good (small), constant size for the stake. It should be such that you’re able to use your bankroll to place bets many, many times. Another strategy is to just use the table’s minimum allowed bet.
  3. Place your first bet.
  4. If the bet loses, double the stake on the next bet.
  5. Keep the process going till a win, and then go back to the minimum size bet.

The Martingale system is excellent for wagers that pay even money, and where there’s high chances of winning.

  • Roulette has multiple even-money bets → tick!
  • The outside bets on the table have a high chance of winning → tick!

Additionally, online roulette has fantastically low minimum bets. Therefore you can use the Martingale system to place a huge number of bets with no worries. You should ultimately:

  • Break even on all losses made.
  • Come away with a small to medium profit at the end of the day.

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