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2021 Proven Sports Betting Strategies

2021 Proven Sports Betting Strategies blog featured image2021 Proven Sports Betting Strategies blog

Good sports betting strategies are what separates a successful gambler from an unsuccessful one. Because while sporting outcomes do have an element of luck, there are always ways to sway gambling success to one’s side. After all, opportunity takers make their own luck. Plenty of people have made it as professional sports gamblers. This means that gambling is pretty much a career for them, and effectively a way for them to earn their main income. For such people, it’s not enough to just trust lady luck with their gambling. Proven sports betting strategies are what help them turn a profit in the long run. Here are a few sports betting strategies that have been proven to work in this modern day and age.

Effective Sports Betting Strategies For 2021

1. Boost Earnings With Accas

What are the easiest sporting outcomes to predict? It is those games that pit perceived strong teams or athletes against weaker opposition. In other words, favorites against underdogs. Such bets are easy to win in sports betting because the favorites usually take the cake at the end of the day. Nonetheless, there is a drawback. These outcomes, being obvious predictions, get far lower prices. It is easy to win them, but not much goes back to the wallet ultimately. To counter that, modern sports bettors use accas. Also known as accumulators, parlays or multi-bets, accas are a way of combining single predictions into one bet to create potential for a bigger win and bigger profit. To make matters even better, bookmakers often sweeten the pot for acca bettors by adding bonuses. The bigger the acca the bigger the bonus one might get. Here’s a few things to note with this strategy, however:

  • Though easy to predict individual legs, accas are not successful 100% of the time. Though rare, an upset can occur where a plucky underdog edges out the favorite.
  • An acca is one large compound bet. Losing any of the individual legs of it loses the entire acca.
  • There’s usually no limit to how many single events you can combine to make the acca, but the more the events the higher the chances of losing.

More info on how accumulators work in sports betting. A few factors that make accumulator betting a success for modern punters:

  • Combine as few events as possible as long you as arrive at total odds that make for a reasonably good profit.
  • Bookmakers nowadays offer cash-outs. Make use of cash-outs to take your money and run at the point where an event starts taking an unexpected turn.

2. Use Live Sports Betting Strategies

Live betting is another nifty little feature that most bookies are offering their customers in 2021. It allows a punter to make predictions when a match or game is already underway. Granted not all regular betting markets would be available on a live betting page but the feature still has strong merits:

  • Get a first hand feeling of how the teams/athletes are approaching the game.
  • More info is available to the punter than with normal betting. The info can be used to make better judgments and improve chances of winning.

3. Use Financial Planning Strategies

Every punter that wants to make tangible success of sports betting, from an economic perspective, must manage their money well. Set aside a reasonable budget for your betting endeavors. This money is used for wagers during a set, defined betting period. It should not sink the punter into a financial quagmire if lost. Then, of course, there are some financial sports betting strategies to use during the gambling itself. A few examples:

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