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Correct score is one of the betting markets available to punters today. It is most popular for sports like soccer, and is a mainstay of modern sports betting platforms all over the world. In modern sports gambling, punters are inundated with a myriad of betting options. It’s no longer like a couple of years back when sports gambling was mostly about predicting the winner. The introduction of betting markets like correct score, Asian handicap, double chance, total goals, etc. has made the hobby livelier and even more profitable. You could probably split all punters into two groups. One is those that might try a correct score bet and those that would stay as far away as possible from it. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that.

Correct score is one of the most difficult predictions to make in sports betting. Risk-averse punters are therefore not likely to place such wagers – at least not often. This market is more the playground of casual bettors who gamble more for fun than for any serious income generation. That said, people do win correct score bets, and when they do, they really rake in the profits. The more difficult something is to predict, the higher the profit one is likely make. That’s the golden rule that applies all across sports betting. Let’s see how a daring punter can capitalize on this lucrative market.

What Is Correct Score (CS) In Betting?

This bet is self explanatory, for the most part. To win a correct score bet, the punter has to correctly predict the final scoreline of a match. Usually,  the score is considered at the end of normal time in a match. Normal time includes additional minutes (injury time) but does not involve extra time. To correctly predict an exact scoreline is hardly a piece of cake, of course.  This is reflected in the odds that are usually offered, which are of the order of 20:1, 50:1, and even as high as 200:1. As a result, this is a bet that has an exciting, “lottery-ticket” feel to it. It is difficult to win, but when you do, you really feel like a million bucks. Some sports where teams can score as high as 100 points, like basketball, are really impracticable to predict a exact score for. It is rare, therefore, to see a bookie offering correct score bets for such sports. The bet is popular for soccer, hockey and baseball – especially the former. Let’s consider a soccer example. Correct score odds for the 2021 UEFA Europa League final between Manchester United and Villarreal CF might look like this:

Manchester United vs Villarreal

1-0 7.50
1-1 16.50
2-0 10.00
0-1 10.40
2-1 9.00
0-2 13.00
0-0 20.00
1-2 18.33
3-0 15.00
3-1 17.00
3-2 20.70
3-3 30.00
0-3 45.00
1-3 50.00
2-3 60.00

It’s clear that CS is one of the highest-paying predictions in sports betting. It is possible to actually reap a hundredfold or more! However, for the bet to win, the punter’s predicted scoreline must match exactly to the game’s final score. Any other scoreline and the bet is lost.

Best Situations For A Correct Score Bet

Correct score bets are difficult to win, but certainly not impossible. A few points on when and how to make best use this market:

  • Pick low-scoring sports. Soccer is a great example, since most games average four goals or less. Avoid cricket, basketball and the like.
  • Choose low-scoring games. Matches where as few goals as possible are expected are a great option for correct score. These are games that average 1 or 2 goals at most, and will therefore only have scorelines like 0-0, 1-1, 0-1, or 1-0. Compared to high-scoring affairs (like 4, 5, 6+ goals), low scorelines have very few permutations and are the easiest to get right.
  • Choose low-scoring leagues/competitions. Leagues/competitions with low-scoring matches are a good hunting ground for CS bets. Good examples include the Greek Super League and Argentinian Primera Division.

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