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Most Effective 1X2 Betting Strategy

Most Effective 1X2 Betting Strategy Blog Featured ImageMost Effective 1X2 Betting Strategy Blog

The 1X2 betting strategy has been around for a long time. Also called a win bet, the 1X2 bet is easily the most popular type of sports market out there today. Newer markets such as Total Goals, Both Teams to Score (BTTS), Goal-Goal/No-Goal and Correct Score represent fresh ways of approaching a sports wager. These markets have been introduced to match the needs and preferences of punters, which are always changing and growing. Sports bookies are forever scrambling to placate their clientele with new features and markets. It’s something they have to do or risk falling behind their relentless competitors. This state of affairs forces the sports gambling industry into a non-stop state of evolution. It simply never sleeps. Some markets, such as Total Goals, are obviously easier to predict than 1X2. But as ever in gambling, easier predictions pay out less. It’s therefore not surprising that the 1X2 betting strategy remains the king of all bets. Our mandate to unearth the most rewarding 1X2 betting strategy today.

The Best 1X2 Betting Strategy: Low Risk Accas

There are to aspects that make a wager – any wager – fantastic. These are:

  • Low risk factor.
  • High potential reward.

The most effective 1X2 betting strategy is the formula that strikes the best possible balance between the two factors above, and that’s why we’re going for the low-risk Acca. If you’ve been a fan of for a while you know that we love Accas. Also known as parlays or Multi-bets, Accas are a way to combine multiple predictions into one compound bet. This compound bet has the potential for profit much higher than any single bet could ever produce. The caveat, of course, is that making multiple predictions generates higher risk. Getting a single prediction wrong wrecks the entire Acca. Here’s our full guide on Accas/Parlays vs Straight Bets! Therefore, the best 1X2 betting strategy is to use an Acca, yes, but one with as low as possible probability of going bad. To that end, we choose to hunt down easy predictions, which we take and form into an Acca of medium length (5 to 8 events). Events such as these will individually have low odds since they are easy to forecast. But, when knit together into a nice-looking Acca, they can pool to produce potential for mouth-watering profit.

Best Bet Choices For Low Risk Accas

  • A good place to start is Underdog vs. Favorite contests. The favorite team or athlete winning a contest is almost always a low-odd, foregone conclusion because their victory is almost certain. As a result, a low-risk Acca will usually feature a couple of Favorite-to-win picks.
  • A second option for our Acca is Double Chance. A Double Chance is a 1X2 bet with a 66% of winning – much better than the 33% of a regular 1X2. Read more on Double Chance betting here! The Double Chance bet is very low risk and therefore a good pick for our Acca.
  • A third option is Goal Line. This is where the punter forecasts if the number of goals points in a match or contest will be over or under a certain line. These bets are easier to predict than win bets and therefore a good fit for our Acca. For instance, in a match where a goal fest is expected, it’s often a great bet to pick goals “Over” a line. Picking goals “Under” a reasonable line is great where you expect the opposite.

The above are just examples – feel free to add your own. At the end of the day, the punter should end up with a prudent Acca of 5-8 easy picks. The cumulative odds from the Acca should allow for a nice profit at low risk, For us, that’s the most effective 1X2 betting strategy anyone could ask for!

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