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Two Proven Craps Betting Strategies

Two Proven Craps Betting Strategies Blog Featured ImageTwo Proven Craps Betting Strategies Blog

Craps is one of the most enjoyable, exhilarating casino games today. It is a highly popular offering in gambling establishments all over the world, be they land-based or online casinos. For those who don’t know the game well, their first question might be: is it a game of skill or luck? Well craps is almost 100% luck. That means the mind-boggling tactical acumen of games like poker is not necessary. For the most part, the player’s fate is tied to how a roll of dice lands. This luck aspect is what decides who loves craps and loves it not. For those who believe in riding their fate, this game is a heavenly pastime. Detractors cite the luck aspect as a turn off. They would much rather a game of strategy where they can control their own fate. The question now becomes, does one need betting strategies for a game of luck? The answer is yes. Fate is thoroughly fickle, but there are ways to sway it to one’s side. Or to at least try! Below are some craps betting strategies that have been shown to yield results.

Craps Strategy #1: Don’t Pass On The Pass Line

The Pass line bet is the most basic bet in a game of craps. It is optional for players in most cases, and is a bet for or against the shooter. What does this mean? Otherwise referred to as betting “with or against the dice”, a player places a Pass line bet by predicting whether the come-out roll is a 7/11 or not. Its two options are as follows:


Pass means the player predicts a 7 or 11.

  • If the come-out roll is a 7 or 11, the bet is a winning one.
  • The bet loses if the come-out roll is 2, 3 or 12.
  • Any other roll sets a point. If that set point is rolled again before a 7 is rolled, the bet is a winning one. Otherwise – if a 7 is rolled before the set point – the bet “sevens out” i.e. loses.

Don’t Pass

Don’t pass is pretty much the opposite of Pass above. It predicts that the roll will not be a 7 or 11.

  • The bet loses if the come-out roll is a 7 or 11.
  • The bet wins if the come-out roll is 2 o 3.
  • Any other come-out roll sets a point just like above, while a roll of 12 is considered a tie.

The reason players are urged not to skip the Pass line bet is three-fold:

  1. It is fairly easy to predict. This is especially true when betting Pass. A 7 is the most common roll with two six-sided dice, such as the ones used in craps. It has the most possible number of combinations (six!) and is therefore most likely to win.
  2. Both Pass and Don’t Pass pay even money, which is good value, and have a relatively low house edge. This means that winning the bet is basically doubling your money.
  3. The Pass/Don’t Pass bet is required for the player to be allowed to make a Free Odds bet, which is a fantastic betting opportunity as discussed below.

Craps Strategy #2: Grab The Free Odds Chance

So the first step is to make a Pass or Don’t Pass bet on the come-out roll. Whether that bet wins or not, once the point is set, the player is now allowed to make what is referred to as the Free Odds bet. The Free Odds bet is the most profitable bet in craps. Two reasons for this:

  • The bet is paid at true odds.
  • With the Pass line bet combination , the Free Odds bet cuts down the house edge to as low as 0.01%.

So there you have it! Make the Pass/Don’t Pass bet and then follow it up with Free Odds. This strategy not only improves chances of winning craps but also gives you the best possible odds to ensure that, should you win, you really rake in the cash!

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