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Getting The Most Out Of 1X2 Betting

Getting The Most Out Of 1X2 Betting Blog Featured ImageGetting The Most Out Of 1X2 Betting Blog

1X2 betting, simply put, is the most traditional form of betting. It’s the concept that comes to mind for most people when they think about sports betting. Sure, the sports gambling industry has changed – a lot! Its evolution has seen bookmakers expand their betting platforms, adding more and more markets in response to the needs of punters. Betting markets are the various possible outcomes that a punter can predict from a sporting event such as a match or race. 1X2 betting, also known as moneyline betting, used to be the main thing for sports wagers anywhere in the world. Savvy punters have now diversified their strategy, incorporating the myriad of new markets offered to them. Some of the markets, such as the goal line (Total Goals) and Both Teams to Score, are even easier to predict and win than 1X2. Nonetheless, and perhaps a bit surprisingly, the moneyline remains the most popular bet placed on any sport. Let’s see how the bet works and how to make best use of it.

What Is 1X2 Betting?

1X2 betting is predicting the final result of a match with three possible outcomes: home victory, draw or away victory. It means forecasting which team or athlete wins a game, or whether the match draws. Depending on geographical location or bookmaker, this bet may also be known as:

The terminology is not important. The concept is what is vital, and thankfully it’s a breeze. The “1”, “X” and “2” stand for the following:

  • “1” represents a HOME win. In soccer and most other sports, it means that the home team scored more goals or points than the away side.
  • “X” stands for DRAW. It means the contesting teams scored an equal number of goals or points. The game finished as a stalemate.
  • “2” represents an AWAY win. It means that the away team scored more goals or points than the home side.

1X2 betting is only possible for sports with the above three possible outcomes in final result. Soccer is most popular, but 1X2 also works for hockey and rugby betting. The bet is usually settled at the end of normal time in a match.

Best Situations For 1X2 Betting

It’s not always easy to predict who wins a match. That’s the reason why experienced punters are constantly gravitating towards easier betting markets to stave off losses. However, this market still retains some of the best-paying odds of any market. Money can still be made by those who pick the right moments to apply the 1X2 strategy. Here are two examples:

Favorite vs Underdog

A favorite vs underdog match is where one team or athlete is clearly stronger team than their opponent. The favorite team will usually win out over the underdog. A match like this is much easier to pick a winner for. Using 1X2 to back the favorite or bet against the underdog should be a safe and profitable gamble in this case.

Research-backed Betting

Sometimes punters find themselves astounded at the result of a match. The team or athlete they really expected to win loses, hitting them like a bolt from the blue. Oftentimes, this situation abounds from lack of in-depth knowledge about the sport in question.

For instance, Arsenal FC of the English Premier League are known historically as one of the best teams in the world. In years past, it would’ve been prudent to back Arsenal in any contest – against strong teams or otherwise. However, over the past few years, the club has declined steadily, and punters who don’t follow the league much are none the wiser. Successful bettors, more often than not, have good knowledge about the sport they bet on. It can come organically through being an avid fan. Otherwise, it is sensible to do good research to understand how well teams/athletes are doing. That way, one has a good chance to reap great rewards from 1X2 betting.

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