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UEFA EURO2020 Group F Previews Blog Featured Image

UEFA Euro 2020 Group F

As it stands, fans and bettors can finally breathe a hearty sigh of relief that the long-await UEFA Euro 2020 games aren’t in danger of being postponed again. With mere days to go till the referee’s whistle goes off, right...

UEFA Euro 2020 Group D Blog Featured Image

UEFA Euro 2020 Group D

All over Europe, the buzz circulating domestic leagues has decreased considerably. In Germany, Bayern Munich proved to be the superior side once again by winning the title. In Italy, Inter Milan rose above even Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus to claim the...

2021 Italian Serie A Previews
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2021 Italian Serie A

Italian Serie A has quite several long-established traditions and culture, something that punters and (some) fans have appreciated down the years. Will some of those traditions hold in 2021? It has been an unusual 2020. Signs that 2021 may regain...

2021 Germany Bundesliga Previews

2021 Germany Bundesliga

Soccer is not always the easiest sport to predict, something that even the most experienced sports punter will readily admit. However, there are a few things one can reasonably see from the 2021 Germany Bundesliga, given how the season has...